Do You Have a Plan For Your Interns?

Dr. Scott Grant, a great friend and tremendous professor, posted on his blog the other day the challenges one of his students was encountering in their internship.  He offered suggestions, and it led me to think about how we plan for our interns in sports. I've been with many teams that interns are brought aboard … Continue reading Do You Have a Plan For Your Interns?

Preparation in sales…

What a great message I received this morning...and I invited him to call me to talk.  Trent Houston accepted his first career position at the Orlando Magic, and is taking the time prior to starting to learn best practices and create a strategy.   Having listened to a past podcast I had done with the Tao … Continue reading Preparation in sales…

Kathy’s Mailbag: May 23 “Hey Kathy!”

Welcome to this week's mailbag!  Remember, all questions are to arrive by Tuesday afternoons, and all questions will be answered...if not in the mailbag, then personally.  Either way, it's a win! Here are this week's questions... "Hey Kathy... I need to get more in my pipeline, but I'm realizing I need to qualify leads better … Continue reading Kathy’s Mailbag: May 23 “Hey Kathy!”

An Active Approach To Training

Really appreciate when teams, companies want to take an active approach in the training and make sure areas are covered that they have needs for.  Training should never be the trainers way.  Just like customers, it is about needs, and fulfilling those needs for a successful experience. Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating...Helping Your Team Achieve … Continue reading An Active Approach To Training

The Importance of “Follow Up” In Sales

What is the number 1 reason we fail in sports sales...or any sales?  Lack of follow-up.  It's no surprise that according to 80% of sales are closed after the 5th to 12th contact.  What is that you say?  That sounds a bit extreme?  Think about it. How often have you called once, had interest, … Continue reading The Importance of “Follow Up” In Sales

The Value of A Video Meeting In Group, Season, Premium, Retention and Corporate Sales

When we talk about supersizing groups in a training, I strongly encourage  the use of  a supersized meeting.  Bringing multiple people together can help us achieve the goals we are reaching for.  But what happens when not everyone can make a meeting, or have time to leave their office?  What often happens is we tell … Continue reading The Value of A Video Meeting In Group, Season, Premium, Retention and Corporate Sales