Holiday To Do Tips For Those in Sports Sales

  1. img_0158 Bring out the eggnog…where’s the rum?
  2. Send season/group info with every holiday card you send.
  3. Sending out those newsy little family holiday letters? Send out a sales letter instead!
  4. “Accidentally” hand out your business card every time you mean to hand over your charge card when shopping.
  5. Wait till the sales clerk asks “Can I help you?” and tell him or her, “Yes, by getting a season package!”
  6. Have another glass of eggnog…with a tad more rum.
  7. The UPS man complaining he’s got too many deliveries? Dress like an elf and bring your season/group/premium info along. Deliver it with every delivery you make.
  8. Have some more eggnog…and a little more rum.
  9. Stand along the line to see Santa at the mall and tell the kids what they REALLY want for a gift is season/group/premium seats!
  10. Break out the team clips videos at the neighbors  holiday parties and “work the crowd!”
  11. Have some more eggnog…and another dash of rum.
  12. Make sure every person with your sports  attire at the mall gets spoken to about season/group/premium packages.
  13. Upon visiting the Emergency Room after falling off the roof trying to get that little plastic sleigh up, make sure you take cards and prospect in ER, Radiology, Cast Room, etc.
  14. Have just a bit more eggnog…and a lot more rum.
  15. Bake those cookies in the shape of your team logo and pass out to carolers along with a business card.
  16. Walk up to the “open mic night” of Holiday Carols at the mall and belt out the team theme song.
  17. If you put up a tree, decorate with business cards.
  18. Have some more eggnog…and the rest of the rum. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to get out from under the tree.
  19. Record your voice mail message with “Happy Holidays to all and to all get your season/group/premium packages!”
  20. Putting up holiday lights outdoors? Do it in the shape of your team field/court with a neon sign flashing for season/group/premium sales! Add “for a good time call….”!

Enjoy your holiday this season and be happy…you work in the most wonderful industry you possibly can! Be thankful every day,  have fun with it, and appreciate it.  There are so many others out there that would love to be you!

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Helping teams raise revenues through sales…

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