Batteries (Not) Included?


For those of you with kids, “Batteries Not Included” tends to be the most dreaded phrase on a holiday morning! There the toy sits; all ready to be played with and appreciated, yet it doesn’t have the jump start it needs.

How many sales days have you had where you may as well have hung the sign, “Batteries not included?” Days in which you had leads, ideas, nothing to interrupt you, yet you couldn’t get going or get the job done. You didn’t have the jump start you needed.

How can you make sure YOUR batteries are charged and ready?

  • Expand your horizons. Whenever you can go outside your comfort zone and be an explorer, you will make new sales. Use your natural curiosity to find out about something different in an area of town. Strike up conversations with some of the “natives” in a different area than the one you’ve been prospecting. With a little bit of effort, you will have new ideas in no time. I had one person that used to take her daughter to swim meets, and as they drove, they would write down every truck name they saw, business buildings, etc. It became a family game and she was always fresh with new leads. Another salesperson used to take a different route home twice a week. In doing so, she was able to find new industrial parks that just went up, etc. and would drive through, copy information, and call to set appointments the next morning. Remember, the day isn’t done at 5:00!
  • Make sure you have the right size battery to get the right charge. Don’t be in panic mode. You need to do your homework before you make the call/visit…look up who it is you are calling; if a company, research … look at what they make or do, and start to see if you can find a need. See what their values are, their mission statement. Look for the synergy and comment on it. Then you need to make the call, find the right person to talk to, and start asking questions to truly determine that need. If you feel the synergy, ask for an appointment. That’s when the battery better be fully charged, as you then need to start filling that need – think through their situation and come up with a creative approach as to why your product is going to fill their need. If it’s a business, it’s rare for a business to tell you they have too many customers. Looking for customers is on everyone’s wish list. So use that as a universal need and plan part of your sales program around filling that need. How can your product(and if a sports team, tickets and sponsorship) help drive in new customers? Come up with solutions and ways to utilize your product to the company’s advantage, and you’re 2/3 of the way to the sale. Build the relationship; being helpful, suggestive, listening to their concerns and developing a “partner” relationship with them.

If it’s an individual, again, you will have to find the right size batteries for that individual…what are their needs? If sports, how many games can they attend? What is it about the game that excites them? If it were the perfect scenario, what would get them to buy season tickets on the spot? What would they use the tickets for (personal, friends and family, etc.)? If they were able to receive better seats by buying a full season plan, could they share them with a friend or family member?

If it’s a group, they are the most fun to deal with, as you can be most creative in your approaches. Find out what their group normally does for entertainment, and paint the most descriptive picture you can. The larger the group, the more creative you can afford to be. There are so many opportunities out there that never get charged!

  • Know the outcome you want. It’s such a great feeling when the batteries are in and the toy starts working, or the watch starts working again or the battery operated lights turn on. You anticipate that outcome. You carefully choose the right batteries and slip them in, with that little gasp of pleasure that comes when it works. Same with our sales. Anticipate the outcome. Believe and see them as your client. See them as happy and enjoying the games. See who they will be sharing the games with and you visiting them. When you see that outcome, you will be able to engage the client and help them see what you see. You will be able to walk them down the path you are on to the end result you see.
  • Make sure you keep the pipeline full and the passion and vision going. Don’t run out of energy/leads/passion/enthusiasm. Keep your batteries fully charged and don’t go into a meeting or meet up with a new prospect running on ‘low.’ Make sure you are giving all you have, and using your strengths wisely. Batteries do run low; we have to anticipate this and always be ready to be re-charged.
  • Make sure you have ample training not just once a year, but throughout the year. When we train once a year, we generally go back to our bad habits and lack the full ‘charge.’ When the battery starts to run low, that extra training is just the jumpstart we need to get us back on track and at the top of our game.

Make sure your sales day has fully charged batteries, and you will find that once that connection is made, you’re on!

Kathy Burrows, SOS Consulting

for workshops or further info: or 440-655-9436

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