Manager and Director Workshops…To Lead, You Need Followers…Not Clones!

clone leadership

Kudos to your team or company if you bring in different workshops throughout the year to grow your staff.  But if you’re not developing your leaders, you are investing money that will never grow. Start your training at the top so they, too, can connect and invest in your people! 

To all who have emailed me after my last  article on training our leaders: YES, I do provide leadership workshops. No, the goal of promoting your sports or business acct execs to Managers or Directors is NOT to clone them to you!

Will YOUR team / league or business be one of the first to invest in your Directors and Managers? Let’s talk! I promise you they will get tons out of it and will be a stronger positive influence on your sales / service staff, all while growing as strong and inspiring leaders.


Kathy Burrows, SOS



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