The New Position In Sports: Sales Marketing Specialist

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After writing my article a few weeks ago on Sports Sales and Marketing: Why Do We Go Different Directions, I received a large number of emails from both sales and marketing staff members asking how we can best bridge the gap and start working more cohesively.

We expect Marketing to help drive sales, yet how often do we hire someone in Marketing who has never experienced sales? We ask them to help create the plans that will ‘sell’, the themes that will drive individual sales, the taglines for season and group, and yet not experiencing that day to day, sometimes the results are good, but not a selling opportunity.  Often, teams don’t have sales and marketing meet biweekly or even monthly to plan on how they can best help each other. We have created the problem that our marketing and sales staff bring to our attention. Both sales and marketing have a lot on their plate, and how could we best help each department and maximize effectiveness?

Enter:  Sales Marketing Specialist. Who would this be?  This is a blended background role…someone who gets the creativity and dynamics of marketing but who has recently been in a sales role. Marrying the two can create a unique opportunity in the marketing dept. as well as the sales dept. and bring cohesiveness and success to both areas.

For sports, a sales Marketing Specialist would have a role and background such as this:

At least 2 years in a sales role.   This would give one the opportunity to truly understand the sales world of sports as well as the challenges and the dynamics of those that they sell to.

Creativity.  A creative mind will help drive sales and create “sellable”  ideas, not only in the sales process while selling but will transfer to the marketing process as they create for sellers.

Deeper understanding and better communication. This is the liaison person for sales and marketing. This is the person who will continue to work with sales reps yet focus on what is needed in the marketing world to help them become more successful.  Understanding the dynamics of those they sell to will change the thought process of how we market.  No one gets that better than the person selling.  This gives the opportunity to learn, see firsthand, create, communicate the why and be more in tune with that particular demographics.

Marketing Sales Specialist will be less fearful of social media and smart usage, thus helping the sales reps get to a higher level. Most marketing people now are focused on social media as part of their marketing package. To transfer this to individual social media of the sales staff, a sales minded marketing person will be able to create platforms, fun ideas, and challenges right there with the sales reps.

Marketing Sales Specialist will hear, understand, and work together to solve sales staff marketing challenges easier. The level of understanding of needs of the sales rep will be understood much easier.

As we start adding titles and add roles, ask yourself:  what can best help our revenue generators? In most instances, it’s a dedicated marketing person who will understand their needs and create solutions.  Who better than someone who had been in their shoes on their path to their marketing role?

Kathy Burrows,  CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Sold Out Seating

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