Climbing To The Peak In YOUR Sales


While attending our daughter’s wedding in Arizona, she and I decided to do a ‘quick’ hike up Squaw Peek.  Although I am more used to the scrambles, this one had actual steps that could be climbed.  Should be easier….not!

Weather was quickly approaching 85 degrees so it just about killed me, but I did it.  It made me think about some of our experiences we’ve had with our teams of sales staff members, and 5 keys to making it to the top came to mind.

  • Preparation:  How many times do we want to get to the top and do it by being unprepared? From a hiking standpoint, you need the right shoes, plenty of water, some fruit along the way for energy, etc. In a sales preparation, we need to have our business strategy…who are our people, where are our people, how will we find our people, how will we build the relationship, how can we find needs, etc., etc. etc. I saw people in flip flops who were not prepared and didn’t even make it a third of the way up.  What about those of us in sales who walk in totally unprepared, pick up the phone, and expect to hit a goal set the first day without a plan?
  • Focus:   As you climb, you want to make sure you are on solid ground, so while climbing, there is total concentration.  In sales, how often do we use that same focus? Do we block out others, have power hours, and stay focused on the job at hand or do we chit chat a lot, interrupting others, and be a source of distraction, keeping others from reaching their peak.
  • Strength:  1/3 of the way up, I knew it would be easier to go back down than to move on forward.  In sales, that’s a cop out…we start, we don’t get the response we want, so we quit. Quitting is not – and never has been – in my vocabulary.  So forward I moved.  What happens to us in sales? It’s not the easiest job in the world…I mean, how many people do you know love to be told no, hung up on, sometimes yelled at, only to find that one gem?  Keep moving forward, one call, one meeting, one text/tweet at a time.
  • Embrace the heat:  3/4 of the way up, I was really hoping they were selling bottled water up there or had a wine bar or something….a reason to celebrate! It was getting hot…not an easy time to be climbing.  But when things get hot and we are ‘on the burner’ to get sales made…that’s when we have to step full force into the heat and get it done and go for the close.  If it were easy, everyone in the state would be climbing with me.  If sales were easy, they wouldn’t need us.  We’re needed because we step into that heat and make things happen.  I was more determined than ever to make this climb, and in sales, more determined than ever to make the close.
  • Cheer your teammates along the way: The last fourth just about did me in…it wasn’t a climb but more of a scramble.  If you are that close to goal, no matter the heat, you are going to turn up the energy and get it done.  Sweating, tired and a few scratches and bruises later,  as people were coming down they would encourage me…’you’re so close…just a bit more; you’ll love the view at the top-don’t stop now’, etc.   This is where we all come in for each other…we achieve the impossible or sometimes doubtful, we keep persistence, we spend hours in the heat and oftentimes get scratched and bruised along the way.  But when we make it to the top – by not giving up and going after that which we have to achieve – we are there for each other to celebrate.  Maybe it’s an email to all, maybe it’s a high five, maybe it’s a 50 piece marching band…but whatever it is, it reminds us that we’re in it together.

Everyday in sales we are climbing a mountain and sometimes in unbelievable heat.  We have expectations, we have ups and downs, we are tired, we are sweating it out, and we would love to just give up.  But we are true salespeople…and so we have persistence, and  when the going gets hot, sometimes we have to take a deep breath, regroup and move forward again.  Knowing that you have a lot of ‘guys’ just as I did to cheer you on as you reach it helps keep the momentum moving forward.

Keep the focus, the determination, the camaraderie, and, above all, the passion.  All those ‘no’s’, all those moments as I climbed when another step was sheer drudgery…all led me to that ‘yes’ moment when I arrived.

How many of us are there for each other? How many of us have a plan and can focus on it to achieve success?   How many of us embrace the heat and get that adrenaline surge?

Together, we can make great things happen, no matter what the temperature! Set your sights and let’s start the climb together!

Oh, and the wedding turned out perfectly!

Testimonial:  “Out of all of the trainings we’ve had thus far, your session was definitely the most impactful!”  Kelly Marnin NY Islanders

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

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