The Magic Key to Selling In Sports

magic keyI get calls/emails daily asking for assistance in sales techniques, how to hit team numbers,  how to get to close, etc.  I remind them that every person sells a bit differently. We are individuals who should use our strengths,  fine tune our craft, but most of all, we should use the Magic Key. This is the Key that unlocks all that you have.

So what is the Magic Key compared to the other 10,000 keys that we all share? It’s called “Managing Your Day”…aka What Do You Put In the Hours Of Your Day?

Some Magic Key points:

Do you have a plan?

  • Do you go into your day haphazardly or do you go in with a solid plan? Granted, plans can get detoured, but to not have one at all is the kiss of death.

When / how do you start your day?  I’m talking from the moment you wake up.

  • Are you dragging yourself out of bed or getting up and reminding yourself that this can be an amazing sales day for you?!
  • When do you get to the office? In advance of your starting time or running in at the stroke of ‘start?’
  • Do you pick a few days that you arrive an hour earlier so as to make those connections that have been a challenge getting to?  Or do you simply show up and ‘hope’ that they will be in?
  • Are you on time but starting your day at the water cooler or did you get there early so you can do that and are now ready to put in a solid 8 hours?
  • Are you starting your day by migrating to the computer and spending the first hour emailing or are you starting with a morning huddle, setting the goal with the team, inspired, motivated and ready to set those meetings and make those connections? 
  • Do you have a goal for the day? Remember, ‘a sale a day…’   If you don’t, what is your motivation to make a sale?

The time before the clock strikes nine is every bit as important as the time once it strikes.

What do you put into the first few hours?

  • Are you, as a team, utilizing power hours and if not, are you creating your own?  Do you give yourself time to fully focus and not be distracted with all that is going on around you? Do you get yourself into a rhythm of success?
  • Are you maximizing the morning hours, often considered the most important hours? Are you setting appointments? Are you ready to go after prospects or are you using this time to do your prospecting? If so, turn it around.  Utilize the later hours to do your prospecting and go after those you have a better chance of connecting with in the morning.
  • Are you using this as your high energy time? We all seem to come down off that sugar high from lunch and hit a lull for a bit…so maximize what you can do in the morning hours.  These can be the most crucial.  Maximize your effort. Find that inner energy.  Use it productively and not chatting with your neighbors.  Be the example. Set the bar.
  • Are you making sure every call you make should end in one of 4 ways:  yes, they are buying, no they absolutely are not, you set the appointment (date and time), you have a follow up call scheduled (date and time).  Even if you are sending an email to follow through, you still need to end one of those 4 ways.

Observe your habits:

  • Do you shuffle papers or have a purpose? I watch so many reps handle papers two, three, four or more times with no real purpose.  Meanwhile, they have missed opportunities to connect, prospect, strategize, etc.
  • Do you find yourself talking more and listening less?  Sales will close when you find their needs. Don’t ‘sell to’…’partner with.’
  • Chat a lot with your coworkers? We all want you to get along with your team.  But the more you chat, you distract them as much as they distract you. How much valuable time is lost in chat?
  • Do you celebrate achievements…all day? Great news that you got that big sale!  But that was 10 minutes ago. What are you doing the rest of the day? Celebrating all day, especially when you are pumped and ready, is the downfall of taking a good day to great.  No time like the present to continue than when you’ve had a win!

How is your time spent the last hour or so of the day?

You know, that time of day when your mouth has spit from talking, your brain is starting to get fried, and you wish happy hour started at noon? What could/should you do?

  • Plan your strategy for the next day.  Do some homework.  Make your plans.  Who is key at connecting with? Is there a meeting to prepare for? Can you prospect now and find who might be a good fit and start the intro? That last hour of the day can be the most important.  Don’t waste it!

Are you always prospecting?

  • If in corporate sales, are you constantly looking for opportunities where you shop, where you drive, where you walk, who you meet? Are you thinking of different ways to help drive business to them vs simply selling signs?
  • If in premium sales, are you constantly looking for who you believe might best benefit from our product? How could they use it? How could it best fill their needs?
  • If in group sales, are you reading business shirts of people passing by? Are you looking at people congregated together and ask yourself how they could be part of your experience?
  • If in season, are you finding clients that you believe should be experiencing our product and finding how it fills their needs and educating them on it?
  • Or are you waiting for the next ‘list’ which is most likely outdated when you get it?

Remember…I’ve had managers that have reprimanded their reps for not staying late past normal work hours, but is that really necessary if you are maximizing your day? Make your hours count and you will have discovered the Magic Key to selling.  There is no ‘easy way’…it’s about you: your effort, your style, your belief, your passion, your ability to find needs, … and to work your craft throughout the day.  Put in maximum effort Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and you will find yourself reaping benefits Thursday and Friday.  Spending your day looking for the easy way will get you lackluster effort, no passion, inability to find needs, and never really knowing what your craft is.

Make your hours count, and I promise the Magic Key will open the door.  Then, it becomes a matter of fine tuning your craft.

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer of SOS Sold Out Seating

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