And So I Was Asked…WHY Do You Give So Much Free Info Away Each Week?


I had a number of people connect with me this week and ask me why I was giving away so much “FREE” information week after week…won’t associates be upset? Will it lessen my value? Will teams wonder…why hire her if she’s already sharing?

The answer is very simple. YES to all.  YES, some teams may feel my articles are all the training they need. YES it may ‘lessen’ my value in that I could be charging for each of these instead of  sharing an article once in a while. YES, I’m sure some associates are upset. So why do I do it?

As teams I have worked with know, I am not a fan of “FREE.”  Giving away lots of FREE tickets without a logical process lessens that ticket value. So, you think, the same could be said for my articles, right?

I guess that brings me to why do I write them in the first place? The truthful answer is many reasons.

  • I love to write.  Growing up, I always dreamed I would be a writer for one of the great newspapers. Problem was, I didn’t want to write about politics. I didn’t want to write about sports in general. I wanted to write what could have value in helping someone.
  • I have a lot of examples and ideas to share. Although I am confident I will work till I am 118, and plan on checking out around 125, the creative synapses in my brain just keep firing and I have a lot to share with all of you. So much so, that it will take me forever to share it all. Ask any team I’ve worked with…the ideas start upon our discussion and you quickly find many ways to get to success. Which is the one that will work best for you?
  • Big reason:  I don’t view you all as my ‘job.’  I view you as the future of sports. YOU are the reason I am here. The sports sales world has been changing rapidly, and unfortunately we are not keeping up with it as well as we should. Is there only one way to be successful? No. Success depends on your strengths, your own creative process, and what works best for you. My job is to get those creative synapses in all of your gray matter to start firing.  My job is to help you be the best you can be…after all, YOU ARE the future.
  • Biggest reason: People such as Tyler Novy…“Since I followed you yesterday I have been obsessed with your articles! There is great information in them and are all so insightful! As a Marketing/Sales manager for a small junior hockey team, I can apply so much of this to my everyday work! Thank you for doing this and I look forward to future articles!”   Tyler Novy Springfield Jr. Blues.  If I can help one person each day, I am doing my ‘job.’

With that in mind, I go back to what I offer in my articles/workshops.  If you are in sales in sports, you’ve been trained.  You wouldn’t be there if you weren’t.  It’s necessary. It’s important to help in your development. But what happens after that? You get that full time job and get..(GASP!) comfortable. This is the way you do it. This is what I’ve been doing. It’s working.

But what if I told you it may be working but you could be even better? What if you could come to work with expectation of new ideas, new challenges, new ways to do things? When anyone writes a sales book or article, we’re not opening the sky with a thunderbolt coming down with some brilliant thought.  Instead, we are trying to get YOUR creative juices flowing. We are giving you ideas to sit back and say hmm…how might that work for me? How can I adapt that to how I do things normally?

To me, whether my articles are discussed in your weekly sales meetings, kept in a notebook, talked about around the water cooler…it doesn’t matter; that is growth! And with growth comes change.  This is where we are in sports.  We are in a world that is changing.

So what can I give you? The opportunity to be creative. The opportunity to discuss change.  The opportunity to think differently so that you can offer ideas that may have a tremendous impact 3/5/7 years down the road.

In your next sales meeting, talk about the WHY I am writing these articles.  Then pick a topic that needs improvement and brainstorm together. Come up with as many ideas as you can. Then vote on 2 or 3 ways to institute change for that improvement. Next, put a strategic plan together to execute that improvement.  Measure it. Check in frequently. Tweak it if need be.  This is how you create change. Empower yourselves. Research. Understand your demographics.

I look forward to hearing from all of you as to what changes you have implemented with your ideas…a new pricing strategy, a new use for some of prime ‘real estate’, ways to bring in more revenue, a better alternative to season tickets, etc.  Feel free to share below so we call learn from each other!

Until the next article, challenge yourself as to how YOU can improve your methods of sales. Once we start down that path, the sky will be the limit!

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating, SOS

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