Sales Development By The Month…

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Is YOUR Sales staff worth investing in each month?

Growing in popularity, our Sales Development By the Month program is filling up hours quickly!  What does your team get?

  • 2 monthly web classes
    • within the first 2 weeks, a 1.5 hour class with a different topic covered each month, and tactics to put into practice immediately
    • within the second 2 weeks, a 1 hour recap of how learning in action is going, challenges, ways to improve, etc.
  • full year of Strengths Based Training, a training that enables you to learn the 4 facets of sales: Relationship building, Influencing, Strategic Planning and Executing
  • Bonus courses on supersizing groups, retention strategies, and leadership in action

Why not develop by the month? While most trainings are one and gone, generally forgotten the following week, SOS can keep your staff engaged and learning with measurable results!

It’s like having a development coach year round in your office! 

Why Does It Work? 

  • engagement level goes up
  • skills are built  monthly
  • time to put education into practice
  • every session has a ‘right now’ application
  • learning in small bits with recap enables a more collaborative staff

For teams that “NEED IT NOW”...2 other options:

  • full one day in person training
  • 6 month By The Month…2 sessions a month for 6 months



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