Now!!! An Individual Web Workshop for Sales Reps Or Sales Teams in Sports or Entertainment!

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So you’ve had the trainings…the how to make sales calls; close, close, close; winning sales calls, etc.  But you really want to get to that next level…to use your gray matter and lead by utilizing a strategy and executing it for success.  You want to know how to find your own clients that should have our product.  How to do this?

Starting in August, the next class of the 6 Month Sales Development Workshop begins. The limited availability workshops will host  2 types of sessions:

  • a session for teams (limited to the first 10 teams)
  • a session for individuals who want more coaching than their team is providing or wants to use more of their brain to plan their sales strategy (limited to 10 individuals)

Each session will be twice monthly for 6 months, lasting an hour to an hour and a half each.

Contact me at or call 440-655-9436 for further information.

What have people been saying about the training?

Out of all of the trainings we’ve had thus far, your session was most definitely impactful!  K. Marnin, NY Islanders

I love the ideas that you are always presenting! Plus the thousands of ideas in your mind!  P. Burns El Paso Chihuahua’s

This company I work for brought in “consultants” as they called themselves and I have to say even though it is completely different field the knowledge of sales and being a salesperson I learned from you was far more extensive, more helpful, and flat out more right compared to those people. Your professionalism and knowledge does not even compare to the other consultants.  GJ

I also wanted to thank you for forcing us to prospect the second half of our program. Although we all resisted and didn’t have immediate success, you always drilled in the same message. “You won’t be successful at sales if you can’t or don’t know how to prospect”. Not only has this helped me train my team, but it has also earned me respect from my management team. I really owe a lot of my success so far in my career due to your program. MS

Kathy had created a formula on how to generate huge groups and she provided those in attendance with a detailed road map on how to do it.  When I got back to the office I set up a conference call with Kathy so she could share with our sales staff.  Our reps were equally impressed and they have used Kathy as a sounding board ever since.

To demonstrate to my reps that Kathy’s methods work I took on one of our Theme Nights that has struggled year over year.  I followed Kathy’s steps and with her support generated 750 tickets to a Wednesday night match, an increase of 625 tickets from the previous year.

This November I will institute Kathy’s off season group strategy.  I’m confident this will lead to a base of 1200 tickets for each rep in addition to their existing group book of business.  As a Department we will add over 14,000 group tickets, a significant increase in revenue.

We have a group business strategy that will work.  I’m looking forward to our rep’s having success and for that I thank Kathy.  Her experience and positive approach resonates with our young staff.  She will make a big contribution to whomever she works with and I would recommend anyone who wants a defined process to maximize their group business to contact her. Hugh Hamilton, Vancouver Whitecaps

Kathy Burrows doesn’t just talk about how to be successful at selling she gives you tools you can use immediately after her sessions proving her methods work. She believes in the creation and fostering of relationships as a way to succeed. The material provided is engaging, inspiring and relevant but best of all Kathy acts as a coach and remains available to you even after the session is over. She is encouraging and motivating as well as always rooting for you to succeed. I recommend companies that require their employees to sell, whether in sports or not, invest in their people by bringing Kathy out for a session. L. Metcalf, Chicago Wolves  


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