Simple Things To Show Our Clients We Value Them


A week ago I moved from OH to AZ.  With this move comes making friends.  Little did I realize my first real friend would be from a grocery store. The clerk at the store should be leading the sports world in service.

This 30 something guy has single handedly welcomed me to the valley of the sun.  Even though it’s a higher priced grocery store and I hadn’t planned on doing all my shopping there, he has me for life. Why? He values me. He shows it to me every chance he gets. Isn’t this what all our clients want?

How did he do this?

Awareness.   My first night I was tired, mixed up and simply wanted to make something for breakfast. Not having a shopper card, he quickly realized I was from out of town.  He led me through the process as if I were the only person in the store. “Let’s get you set up with a card.  Come over here and I will help you activate it. There is also an app that has additional discounts. Here is the info and if you have problems, just come back…I work every night but Thursdays and I will help you set it up.”  How many times, if ever, do we do this with our ticketholders? How often do we just say “go online and register and it will tell you what to do.”  He cared enough to make sure that I followed through with the whole process.

Recognition.  Upon my return, he remembered who I was. He asked how the move was going. What were my challenges.  What did I need to know about the area that he could help me with. This was simply not a clerk at a register. This was someone who valued me as a person and as a client.

Letting me know the ‘ins’.  Buying donuts late for the movers, he informed me that after a certain time they are half price. And since I seemed to shop late at night, here are things I could expect.

Telling me about comparables.  “I see you are buying xxx. Did you ever try xxx? I see a lot of my clients seem to like it and purchase it.”  A subtle suggestion that goes a long way.

What are things you like to do? I can help you find them in the area.  This is a person who is truly welcoming me to the city and the company.  He is my ‘go to’ source.

Rememberance.  Grocery stores do not have a crm account that each of their people log into.  But in this instance, they have a tremendous employee who, in his mind, has created his own crm account.  He recognizes me. He asks about relevant things we have talked about. He makes me happy when things seem frustrating.  He cares about me as a person, not just a client.

When you look at all of these things together, you realize I am simply not going to a grocery store anymore than your clients are going to a game. They are your livelihood. They are your reason for being there. They are your paycheck.  They deserve the recognition, rememberance, acknowledgement and help that you can give.  How many times do we simply ignore the call and let it go to voicemail? How many times do we roll our eyes? How many times do we say that’s the policy?

This young gentleman should be the poster child for all service in sports teams.  His caring, communicative approach has reminded me that I am valued. And yes, they charge more. But you know what? I will pay for someone who values my business. So will all of our clients…but they have to know they are valued. This is how we retain them.

How are you valuing your clients? Are you simply taking care of their needs or forming a true relationship? Are you remembering things they have told you by putting them in crm or let the mind drift away while they talk.

Renewals are crucial to all of us. But people renew…and will pay a higher price…if they know they are valued. How are you setting yourself up for this renewal season?

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

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