Re-Energizing Ourselves for 2018: Sports Leaders, Sales and Service Reps


Everyone gets excited this time of year to make resolutions…some of which will be kept, and the majority of which will be long forgotten by April. Resolutions are great and I’m all for them, but what if, instead, we set plans to Re-Energize ourselves…giving 100% the coming year and being the best we can be?  How to do this?

Leaders:  the biggest impact you can make in the coming year is to remember what it was like to be in your staff’s shoes

  • Don’t hide behind an office or closed door…know your staff, be part of your staff. Schedule yourself to be in with them a few hours a week at the very least, offering to listen to calls, help with meetings, etc.
  • Remember what got you there to begin with…did you start in sales? Do you still sell? Make an impact with your team…sit in the sales room and make some calls of your own. Let them know you are human too, and more, you understand their struggles of hearing ‘no’
  • Remember how you used to have great ideas that no one listened to? Listen to your team. Ask them for insight. Make the feel valued
  • Remember how words of encouragement could make your year? Leave post its on the staff’s desks at night, or leave a voice mail for each thanking them for their hard work…the first thing they will hear in the morning is your appreciation
  • Be open to helping…they look up to you as all knowledgeable.  Let them know that when they are in need of a pep talk or help, you are available.
  • invest in them.  Don’t ‘throw something together from the budget.’  Plan in the budget.  Make sure that you invest in their growth, be it sales/service or young leadership. If we don’t invest in fine tuning them and taking them to that next level, we will instead blame them if levels aren’t hit. Investing in training is imperative to staff and revenue growth.

Sales and Service Staff: the biggest impact you can make is to remember why you wanted to be there, what you can best do for your customers, and find the passion again.

  • You always wanted to be in sports…this was your dream job.  Remind yourself of that….look back to the struggle it took to get here. Find the passion again.  Feel the excitement.  If you’ve been in the position a couple of years or more, has it become ‘ho-hum’ to you? If so, what does it sound like to the client? Remind yourself every morning that you are living the dream…and share that feeling with all.
  • What can you do best for your customers? If in sales, are you selling products or are you filling needs?  Are you getting a quota in or are you providing them with something that will make them feel good about their purchase for the long term? Are you showing appreciation that the client chose us to do business with? Are we valuing them? Are we thanking them with every phone call? Are you going to bat for your clients? Without them, we have no business.
  • fine tune your skills…make sure you get extra training or, if you don’t, then take it upon yourself to sharpen your skills.  Nothing is worse than ho hum repetition.  Re-energize your craft and you will be re-energized yourself.

We are in a workforce that so many wish they could be in. It’s not always easy, and often times it’s even frustrating.  But at the end of the day, we are living our dream. Live it. Share it. Let your clients, fellow teammates, and staff know that this is an exciting opportunity for you. Share the passion. Share the enthusiasm. Kindle the fire and keep it burning all year. Throw another log of reflection and re-energizing on when you need to.  Don’t let the fire burn out.  Keep it burning within.

May your new year bring you new energy, a greater appreciation of where you are in your career, and a re-energization of why you are there.  Everytime I am fortunate enough to work with one of your teams, I, myself am re-energized. You bring that to me. Now let’s bring it every day of the year to everyone we talk with.  In doing so, you will have a stellar year.

Happy New Year and looking forward to meeting so many of you this year!

Kathy Burrows, SOS…Sold Out Seating 

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