Jan. 24: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


Welcome to this week’s issue of Kathy’s Mailbag.  Our questions from you include one on why and when to write strategy and one on scripting in sales. Read on!

“Hey Kathy!

I notice you’ve talked about and posted pictures of teams writing business strategies.  Why is that important when we should be selling instead and when do you think it should be done?”   JR, south team

Hi JR,

I am a huge advocate of sales reps and other departments writing their business strategy.  Yes, you should be selling, but to whom and how? What is the process? Who will you go after? What can you do differently? How do you know what you’re doing if you don’t have a plan?

Sales is so much more than getting a list and dialing for dollars. Teams that I’ve worked with that have written a strategy and followed it are finding that their sales reps are more accountable, more focused, and hitting goals.  How can you execute something if you don’t have a plan first?

As to when…the initial strategy should be written before the season ends, presented by season end, and started as soon as the season ends (or during the last part of the season).  From there, every idea added on should have a strategy with it.  Your strategy is a living, breathing document and should be on  your desk and in front of you at all times.  When you start to lose focus, when you feel as if you are not getting anywhere, go back to your strategy and follow the process.

I promise a well written one will get you where you need to go!

“Hey Kathy…

What are your thoughts on scripting in sales? We use scripts but I’m a little uncomfortable and don’t feel I’m doing my best with it. Thoughts?  BL, western team”

Hi BL,

Every person on your sales team is unique.  Everyone has their own strengths.  Everyone has their own personality.  This is what we use to sell.  If we read from a script, there is no personality, no passion, no emotion.  Your uniqueness does not come through.

When I get a call and I can tell it’s scripted (generally: Hi Kathy, How are you today? Good.good..well I’m calling you because…) quite frankly I hang up.  Tacky, I know, but give me your personality and a truly caring attitude and I will listen

Often we have new reps use scripts to get into a rhythmn. Once they have accomplished that, it’s time to leave the script and develop the individualism.

Keep me posted!

Kathy Burrows, SOS..Sold Out Seating

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