Jan. 30: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


Gosh where is the month going?  Ready for February!  That seems to be the focus of this week’s questions…read on!

“Hey Kathy,

I know in reading your posts, you often say that if a team begins in April and ends the season in September, the hardest work should start in October and November.  Well, we didn’t and now we are 3 months from the opener and nowhere near our goal. Any suggestions?”  K, midwest

Oh dear, K…you are going to spend another year playing the ‘catchup’ game.  That’s the hardest game to play…selling game to game instead of months out.  So what to do?

This is the time you and your teammates need to take ownership.  Run your own sales meetings. What revenue goal should you have hit by April 1?  Where are you now? What is the difference? Divide it between the next two months…is it attainable? As a team, decided how you can possibly hit that month’s goal. What is the strategy? What will each person focus on? What is each person targeted to bring in? How will you do it? How can you meet multiple people at one time to present to?  Think creatively…how can you bring those numbers in? Can you supersize a group in 2 months? Same for season…what types of events can you host during February that you can close larger numbers?

Spend one of your power hours daily focusing on the highest revenue products, if revenue is goal. It’s all about what ways you can bring in the highest revenue in the smallest time.

Focus. Work hard. Have a strategy.  And know that if you make it through the start of this season, the goal will be to put together your business strategy for next season in July and then roll it out as soon as the season ends. And you will be light years ahead of where you are now!

Keep me posted!

“Hey Kathy…

Our season is winding down, we are not going to be in playoffs, and our sales energy is really low right now. We still have goals to hit, yet I can’t sseem to motivate the team.  Any ideas?”  B, South team

Getting into playoffs or not getting into playoffs, goals still have to be hit, revenue still has to come in.  No business survives without revenue.  Time to re-energize the staff!  It’s hard enough when you don’t go into playoffs…everyone can easily turn that into an excuse (which is why everyone should plan to hit their goals by two months prior to the end of the season..control what you can control).  So what can you do?

Now is the time to start to pull out smiles…yes, it’s frustrating, but have some fun while hitting the remaining goals.  Have the team create some contests of their own…pair into teams or divide them in half.  Plan for a goal a day.  Let the high fives start when you hti it.  What is the team prize when you hit the overall goal for the month? Make it one they really want.  You may not be winning on the field/arena/ice, but you CAN be winning in the office.  Make sure the team knows they have their own playoffs to hit!

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Kathy Burrow, SOS…Sold Out Seating

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