Feb. 7: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


This week’s mailbag asks the age old question of ‘when do I know I should move on”  as well as input for renewals/new season packages and strategy/group packages/premium ideas, etc. Read on! 

“Hey Kathy!  I have been with a team for 4 years now.  I went from Inside Sales to an account exec.  Nothing has changed other than my goals getting higher. I enjoy the atmosphere, but don’t anticipate anyone leaving for me to move up.  How do you know it’s a good time to move on?”  P, midwest team

Hi P!  That is a question I get asked a lot.  There are some of us who are perfectly happy staying in that same role our entire career, as we are successful and making good money.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Then there are those of us who like where we are, change doesn’t come easy, but this isn’t the role we want for the rest of our sales life. What to do?

Hopefully, you have a team that is encouraging you to grow and giving you measures with each 1:1, each evaluation.  If not, the culture can be fun but you do not have 4 years of experience…you have 1 year repeated 3 times.  See the difference?  If your leadership enables  you to be the team leader for a month for sales meetings, brainstorming, etc.,  or giving you additional opportunities to coach, that is growth. If you are simply pounding the phones for 4 years, that is not.  For me, that pretty much determines when it’s time for me to move on.  In order to grow, we need to be challenged. Simply having a different revenue goal every year is not the challenge I mean.

Some teams will create additional roles if they want you to stay onboard.  Weight it carefully.  Make sure you are getting true growth and development with it.

To answer your question simply:  if you are getting antsy and asking, I would say you are ready to move on.  A couple of things to remember:  your first job is the most crucial.  Choose it wisely.  It can determine if you stay in sports or move on.  The rest of your positions should be growth positions.  It’s not about the title, but rather the experience you are gaining.  Even now, in consulting, I am learning more and more everyday.

Let me know what you decide!   Kathy

“Hey Kathy…Every year we go through new season ideas, groups, renewals etc. with a last minute plan.  I don’t feel it’s well thought out and we always end up saying ‘we should have xxx’.  How can we eliminate that in the future? I’m the manager so I should have better answers.”  R, west coast 

Hi R!  As a leader, you should have a working timeline in place.  For instance, when do renewals start? If in season and you are playing in the summer and plan on starting renewals the last of July, then your calendar should reflect a session(s) with the staff in March or April.  Brainstorm.  Decide what the renewal process will look like. What will be the perks? What will be the dates? Have this all planned by May and send it out to sth so THEY can make the choice of when to renew based on your plan of benefits for different periods.

When do you plan new season strategy?  Again, if the season is April to Sept. new season strategy should be decided in May and rolled out before the season ends.  It’s the same process:  brainstorm, review pricing and have recommendations, etc.  Know the perks.  But make sure the sales staff is part of the process.  As a leader, you don’t have to dream it all up.  As humans, we are much more apt to be enthusiastic about something we helped create.

My advice to you is decide the when, back it up 4-6 months and plan the strategy with the team.  Have it all finalized with the timeline. And then roll it out.  Everyone has it on their calendar and can breathe a sigh of relief.  No more knee jerk ideas!!!!

Let me know how the timeline is working!  Kathy

Kathy Burrows, CEO, Sold Out Seating

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