Feb. 28: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag…Hey Kathy!


Welcome to the last of February and hopefully snow and cold…no matter the weather, we are all thinking sports here!  This week’s questions focus on corporate partnership sales and group sales. Read on!

“Hey Kathy…

I’m working with a team and I’m in corporate partnerships.  It’s been about a half a year and I still haven’t landed a big one; consequently, I’m having more 1:1’s with my supervisor as I haven’t sold yet.  Any advice?   I believe I’m doing everything right…just haven’t closed.”  R…west coast 

Hi R,

First of all, congratulations for your position.  I love partnerships…it’s creativity at it’s best!  I know CP is highly sought after by many, and so few openings are available.  So of course you want to make your mark.  I believe you when you say you’re doing things right and just haven’t closed…these are deals that are not $1K.  They take time.

For those of you selling cp…would you not agree that it is a process and not really a sale?  It starts with trying to get into their budget. It goes to a needs analysis.  It looks at demographics and if you can provide what they need to who they want it to go to.  And then it depends on what they are looking for…traffic in their locations? Lead generation? Awareness? Branding?  Etc?  All of the above?  From there it goes to creating that which will address and fulfill their needs, and that also takes time to agree on that.

I know so many of those in CP can work on something for a year or more…sometimes 5 or 6 before they end up working together.  We all want that BIG one to make our mark. But along the way, we should be working on the smaller ones, because someday they may just end up being your biggest one yet.  I have a feeling you’ve put most of your focus into big ones…I encourage you to spend part of your day on the smaller ones.  The one day sponsorship of an event, the weekends only partnership, the kids day partnerships, etc.  Landing one, two or more of those will give you the confidence you need and will also bring revenue in that is more apt to close in shorter time.  Your day should have 2 power hours…focus on big for one, smaller for another. Get the revenue in…you will then let the anchor go and start swimming with many fish!

Keep me posted.  All you in CP out there…thoughts?


“Hey Kathy…

What are your thoughts on giving Group Leaders two free tickets to an upcoming game as a thank you? ”  S, southeast team

Hi S,

I’m not a huge fan of it…that’s me personally.  I’m curious as to what redemption rate by the group leader is on that, or if they just give them away.  Why am I not a huge fan?

Personally, I would prefer to give a group leader something that is branded and can act as a thank you as well as advertising for us…something that may just start a conversation with another potential group leader. You want them to work for you.  Most have other jobs or things they are doing so this is just one more added to the list.  What can you give them that would be appreciated and yet branded?  Branded water bottle or travel coffee mug? (Plastic for groups under 100, metal for those over 100).  Branded mug.  Branded t-shirt that is unique for group leaders.  For those large groups over 1000, perhaps a branded watch- I met the right connection at NSF (Mark Abels, CEO of Selcotime.com) who can provide watches in any price range, and can add a diamond at 12-3-6-9 each year to make sure they want to keep a large group coming back so they can fill in all their diamonds !  These can be given out pregame on court or onfield for recognition of those that create such large events.  Actually, this is a  great gift for employees also who achieve levels!

My point is a group leader gift should serve a two-fold purpose:  appreciation/recognition and branding. Two tickets are nice…may/not be used by them so are they really appreciating them? And what type of branding does that do for us that helps others ask ‘how did you get that???’  Two tickets in conjunction with something else is ok, but if it is your sole method of appreciation, I personally don’t feel it’s enough.

What are some thoughts out there?

Let me know what you decide for the upcoming season.


Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer of SOS…Sold Out Seating

Send YOUR questions prior to each Tuesday night to:  kathy@soldoutseating.com

Sales and Leadership trainings are almost filled for this quarter…contact kathy asap if you plan on trainings April or May!  kathy@soldoutseating.com 


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