March 7: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


Here we are…pre baseball and soccer opening day and hockey and basketball nearing the stretch while football gears up! The questions keep coming which proves how you all want to reach goals and get better!

“Hey Kathy…

I can’t seem to get the team to want to hit the goal for our event.  I’ve showed them the goal, broken it down, have a chart up, and there still doesn’t seem to be any extra push.  Any ideas?”  J, southwest

Hi J,

Seems to me you’ve done the work to date:  broken down the goal, put the chart up…but the key is, there isn’t buy in.  Instead of putting it all together for the team, what if you sat down with them and simply said, “here is where we have to be at by xxx.  That leaves us xxxx work days.  Let’s brainstorm how we might do that and you all create the strategy for us to hit it and put some ideas down for a reward when we do. ”  I think you will have some very positive input and results.  Why?  You said ‘we’, ‘us’, and asked for them to create the strategy.  They will have buy in now.

Let me know how it works for’s always been a winner for me.


“Hey Kathy…

We get excited with supersizing groups, and start out, but find it easier to get the 20’s and 30’s.  So once again we are struggling to hit our goal.  What to do?”  R, east coast

Hi R,

It’s always easier to get the 20’s and 30’s…and they are just as time consuming as the 1000+ with it a much harder path to reach goals.  Our sales should be a mix of small, medium and large.  Our strategy each year should be for  two 1000+ groups per person, 3 500-1000 groups, and the remainder between 20-500.  If we know that is part of the plan, we can focus a little differently.  More often than not we are given a goal and just told to go get it.  If we break it down as to the expectations of how many super size groups, how many midsize, and how many remaining, it gives a rep an opportunity to know how to hit those goals.  It also reminds us of the work we have to do in the off season to get those supersize groups in.

I think refocusing how we give out the goals (not just $ or tickets) but make sure that in their business strategy, each rep is writing in the number of 1000+ along with the how and who and the strategy with it, then the midsize, then the remaining.

A reminder to all takes 3x the revenue amount needed for goal to be in your pipeline in order to hit goal.  If you have a pipeline of 20 people/companies, that is simply a drop in the bucket.  If your revenue goal is say 50K tickets, with a group of 20, at 3 times the amount you would need 7500 prospects!  The point is, all too often our pipelines are 50 or less most of the time and that simply will not get us to goal. Always be filling your pipeline…there is no way every business in a 1 hour radius has been contacted, every group in a 2 hour radius has been contacted, every church/organization/medical etc has been contacted.  So much out there!

To summarize:  1) refocus the goals and expectations and communicate it:  your goal of $100,000  will include 2 supersize groups of 1K+ @tx average of $15, 5 groups of 500-1000 @ a tx average of $18, 8 groups of 300-500 @ a tx average of $20, 50 groups of 100-300 @ a tx average of $20, and the remaining, etc.

I would also strongly encourage a team focus in the off season:  each rep needs to get 2 supersize groups with a deposit and a focus month to sell by 2 months before the first game.  Celebrate that achievement when hit! Break each section down and put the focus on…the largest ones have to start the earliest out.  The small ones will come no matter what.

This is part of managing your team…assessing and creating a gameplan to help them win.

Let me know how it is going…and we can come up with some monthly focus ideas!


Send your mailbag questions by Tuesday nights to:

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer @ Sold Out Seating

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