Your Sports Sales Questions: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


Welcome to the ‘almost Easter’ edition of Kathy’s Mailbag…where YOU ask the questions and I help answer…and welcome others to add their comments! Today we have a question on calling past buyers and one on sales service and retention.  Read on!

“Hey Kathy,

It seems like we are forever calling past buyers…I’m surprised they still talk to us!  What other intro’s can we use other than the typical ‘how was your experience, I can save you money, etc.’  How can I get them more involved in the conversation?”

L, southwest team

Hi L,

I’m a fan of personally forming some bonds with them first. I like to get the emotions involved and then move on to discussing particulars.  How to do that? I like to ask one simple question:  tell me, who did you attend your very first sporting event with?  (they tell you).  Tell me about it.

This is your opportunity to create that same experience for them. It puts them in a happy place and is a great time for an “I/my” as you relate your first experience.

My point is, we rush too much into getting them to buy without getting to know them, their needs, and create an emotional bond.  Take time to connect.  Do it however it is comfortable for you, but just make sure you do it.   Once you form that connection, the conversation tends to flow better.

Let me know what you end up using!


“Hey Kathy…

I’m in a customer retention role, and we have cycles of things we are supposed to do…renewal calls, upsell calls, trying to sell group calls, etc.  I feel like we are always calling them for a purchase and I’m not really happy with my role. If I’m retaining, shouldn’t I also be caring about them? I have sales goals and renewal goals but no ‘make them happy goals.’  What are your thoughts?”

Frustrated B, southeast

Hi Frustrated B!

Honestly, I’d be frustrated too. Originally, when I look at the retention teams that first started, their entire goal was to service the client. With that in mind, they would make surprise visits, take gifts to their kids in their seats on their birthdays, give them prime opportunities, etc.  Slowly, it evolved into another sales role…upsell, renew, sell groups, sell additional seasons, encourage suite rentals, etc. Somewhere along the way, we forgot to service.   I share your frustration.

Teams…if what we want is upselling, then turn the account back over to the sales reps. If what we want is servicing so they WANT to come back year after year, then let’s let our service team do just that…service. If you want both, then let’s split the job description where it belongs.  In our desire to change the description of service, we simply made it more selling.  Let’s keep the two separate…a true service department and a true sales department.  Share the contacts.  AE’s can still upsell, rent suites, sell groups…but the service team should be facilitating, making them happy and above all, appreciating the fact they are spending money with you.

How do you view retention? What are the keys that are important to retain? Upselling? Adding on a group? Having them rent a suite?  Or visiting them in their seats, sending an anniversary or birthday card, calling them to ask how their kids’ playoffs went, etc.?  Service means caring.  Let them truly care, and let the sales reps truly sell.

Others thoughts?

Good luck, Frustrated B. Let’s hope your supervisors see this and think a little more about how you can create ‘wow’ moments, put a smile on your clients faces, and incorporate their families.

Have sales questions? Send yours by Tuesdays and they will either appear in the mailbag or will be answered personally!  Here to help YOU be the best you can be!

Kathy, Sold Out Seating, CEO

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