April 11: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag “Hey Kathy!”


Welcome to this week’s edition of Kathy’s Mailbag.  Questions this week are based on Group sales and Premium sales.  Read on!

“Hey Kathy!

I did a group last month that I really worked hard on and thought would have great results of 500+ and it didn’t.  How do I come up with more ideas to find a group that works?”  B, Northeast team

Hi B,

Sorry to hear it didn’t have the results you wanted. I am willing to bet the idea was good, but the execution wasn’t.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • did I tell them when the event was and plan the night?
  • did I tell them what price point?
  • did I tell them I’d send a link?
  • did I tell…did I tell…did I tell…

Do you see a pattern in this? Getting the numbers you want includes their involvement. From selecting a day THEY want, to educating them on price points, to not migrating to the link immediately but educating them on how best to get results from a link, etc. you can turn around an event in a heartbeat.  We often get so caught up in our own ideas, we don’t stop to do the one thing we need to do with our clients:  Listen.

I would set a time to talk with them soon, apologize for your lack of including them in the planning, and let them know that the idea was really good, you just need help putting together an event THEY would want to come to at a time THEY want and you will help reach out to their data base in creative ways when sending the link.

Remember…sales is like the dating game.  If it’s all about you, you’ll be single for a long time :).  If you want to find the right fit, it’s got to be about them.  Before you start rushing off to do other groups, let’s make sure this one is fixed and done correctly.

Good luck!  Let me know how the follow up goes!


‘Hey Kathy,

I sold a suite on a 3 year lease.  We are in year one, and they feel it’s not working.  What should I do next?”   R, south

Hi R,

A huge responsibility comes with selling a suite lease…making sure the client sees the value that was promised.  Oftentimes we visit our suite people and end it there…sold ’em, visited ’em, job done.  However, selling is the start of the process.  Suites, just like sponsors, need to see the value and return. How to do this?

Education is key.  How are they tracking success? How do they define success?  What has been their tracking system to date? How can we improve on that?  Remember…no matter what you are selling … IT’S NOT A WIN FOR US UNLESS IT’S A WIN FOR THEM.  So how to help them with that win?

Time to sit down and roll up the sleeves and work with whoever is in charge of the tickets for the suite. How are they measuring success? Can we set up a system (this is something I cover in training) and tracking? How can you check in more frequently? How can we make sure the right people are using the tickets?  Etc. etc. etc.

People strong in strategy and communication  are great sellers of suite leases.  They can create the strategic plan for success and how they communicate, educate, and follow up will make the difference.

Let’s turn this sale around. Let’s help build their business strategy for this suite with them. Keep me posted!


Kathy Burrows, SOS…Sold Out Seating, Owner and Chief Energy Officer

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