Why Are People Leaving Sports Jobs?

leaving sports

I presented an overview as to why people are leaving their sports jobs while at the National Sports Forum.  Unfortunately, times are changing but teams are not, and people still leave.

Upon studying 118 people who left in the past year and a half (none of which were inside sales…all were Account Execs and above), the study was surprising to many.  What everyone assumed was not always the case.  There was no clear reason why, but more often a blended reason of areas.  These are all areas that can be corrected, but little seems to be done.  What are the 5 areas?

Leadership…or lack of.  Many have seen their leaders hide in their offices, send emails instead of communicate, no coaching, no growth and development, just management by numbers.  Decisions are made from the office with little input.  Leaders are focused on numbers instead of their people.

Training.  Every person in the department is unique. There are no two identical. Yet training is done in a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.  There is no catering to strengths, no recognition of individual abilities, but rather ‘here’s how it’s done.’  Many reps remarked that trainers had not sold in 5, 10 or more years, and their repertoire showed it.  An ‘out of touch’ training and a ‘call, call, close, close’ mentality was given.  Trainers were chosen on a basis of who the leaders were once trained by instead of a more progressive approach by trainers who are selling currently and understanding needs.

Diversity.  Promotions or lack of, how we promote, pay discrepancies between departments and gender, differential treatment, impressions and bullying were on the list.  Every organization touts a ‘diverse environment’ and ‘fair and equal treatment’ but let’s face it…many are not.  Some showed a pay discrepancy as much as $20K between a male/female in the same role, as well as different rules for different folks in the same type of job.

Compensation.  Today’s reps are a lot different from years ago.  Today’s reps have massive college loans, rent, car payments, car insurance, health insurance, food, clothing, an occasional night out and a base pay that doesn’t come close to covering the basics.  Many have been told that there are people waiting in the wings to take their job if they don’t like it.  This only creates a revolving door.

Work/life balance.  Today’s reps grew up with both parents working. Most missed their games, their band concerts, their plays, etc.  They have vowed not to let this happen again. Can you blame them? I sincerely hope they bring back balance to the workplace that is so badly needed.   Helping them maximize their day will only help all of us in the long run.

It’s up to us…we can keep the door revolving and spend a fortune on rehiring, replacing, retraining or we can stop and assess what we are doing and move our teams into the 2020’s and beyond.  The choice is ours.

To learn how to change these cultural drainers and improve our retention, contact kathy@soldoutseating.com

Kathy Burrows, CEO…Sold Out Seating

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