Appreciate the Casual Fan

parent and child sports

I’ve been getting so many emails lately from single parents asking why oh why are so many promotions 4 for $44 or 5 for $55 or 6 for $66 when there are single parents who would love to take their kid to a game but can’t get the same perks.

My challenge to the sports world:  can we not take a section of our arenas/ballparks/rinks and make it a single game perk? So it’s 1 for $11.  You can bring 2.  You can bring 3.  Why start at 4?

If our true goal is creating memories and family experiences, then we need to price it for such.  There is no ‘perfect size family.’  It just takes 2.

Your thoughts?

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer at Sold Out Seating…Preparing Teams for ‘2020’ Vision! 

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