Fun Times In Lancaster, PA


Much energy coming out of the Lancaster Barnstormers in PA as they opened their weekend well despite so-so weather.  Always rewarding when staff (thanks John and Mike!) call you to bounce ideas off of an event for a game  they are creating in July which looks to be a major event in Pennsylvania!  If you live in the area, and you’re not bringing a group to 717 night, you are really missing out on some excitement!

The #1 reason we fall short in sports sales is lack of follow up.  “We tried it, it didn’t work” is not the answer.  What didn’t work? 99%of the time the idea is excellent…the execution and follow up was listless.  The key to many of these teams I work with is follow up. Teams such as the Barnstormers, the Chihuahuas, the Sparks, the Baby Cakes and more like them are moving forward because follow up is key to their innovation.  Managing our day, creating our strategy and putting an execution plan in place = success.

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

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