Whether you like him or not, it doesn’t matter.  The fact of the matter is, he is a worker. He is a worker who, although one of if not the best current player in the world, still works to fine tune his craft.  He’s never satisfied with what has been done. It’s about what he’s going to do.

When you listen to post game interviews, he is always talking about how much he continues to perfect his craft.  He takes care of body, mind, and his craft.  As I sat listening to him, I wondered…

How often do we fine tune our craft? Are we workers who work to fine tune who we are as salespeople? Are we satisfied with what we’ve done or are we striving to do even better? Do we take care of body, mind and our craft?  Or do we simply go to work, hoping to put numbers on the board?

How can we fine tune our craft?

  • Never stop learning.  Just because we landed the job and we’ve been in it 3 years is no reason to quit learning and growing.  If you stop learning, someone is going to come in who is continually learning and will be the master of their craft…and you will be on the short end, day after day.
  • Take a vested interest in trainings and what the coach is saying.  Whether basic training or training for the 2020’s and beyond, don’t sit back and think you’ve got this.  Sit forward and listen.  Take notes. Ask yourself how you can get better.  Ask to meet with the trainer.  Discuss your process and how  you could perfect it.
  • Study your game notes.  These are your sales notes.  What do they tell you? When are you most successful? What phrases do you use that you find make you successful? Are you more successful in person or on the phones? What techniques do you use that work better than others? How can you perfect those techniques? Fine tune your craft.
  • Prepare yourself physically and mentally.  It’s hard to party on Sunday and try to be a master on Monday.  Make sure you get a decent nights sleep. Take care of your body.  Eat smartly.  Prepare mentally for the day. Come in prepared for the game of sales.
  • Warmup.  What’s your morning warmup?  A pep talk to yourself as you pick up the phone the first time? 5 calls in a row when you first walk in to get the sales juices flowing? What is YOUR warmup?
  • The huddle.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m an advocate of a start your day sales huddle. Look at the team.  They have a huddle prior to the start of the game. They are in it together. As Lebron says, he learned early on one person is not a team. It takes a true team working together toward a common goal.  Are you huddling with your team to prepare yourselves for the day’s goal?
  • The look. Lebron has ‘the look’ when he starts the game.  It’s that intense look that tells you he has done his homework, he has prepared himself physically and mentally and he’s going to give it his all.  He’s in the game now.
  • Play the game with all you’ve got. When you’re on, you’re on.  You have to give it all you’ve got. Whether you play the first half till lunch straight through, or play the game straight through, or come in for 2 quarters, what are you putting into the time you’re in? Everyone gets upset over the million calls a day you have to make. I promise you…if you play the game with all you’ve got and start closing, no one cares if you are making 10 calls a day or 10K…they know you have a process working for you and they trust you.  If you play the game with all you’ve got, when 5:00 comes, it’s time to step back, have that Gatorade, talk with your teammates and go take care of you again for the next game the next day.

I’m 37 give or take a decade or two…and I still fine tune my craft every single day.  I am reading, learning, trying new ideas, still selling, wanting to get better.

Lebron may be celebrating at the end of the playoffs and he may not be.  The point is, he has perfected his craft as best he can to prepare.  Win or lose, have you been perfecting your craft to prepare for your big game everyday? Add you comments to let us know what you’ve been doing to perfect yours.

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating; Preparing YOUR sales team for ‘2020 vision’ and beyond. 

Sales, leadership training; Strategic planning; Assessment…contact:  kathy@soldoutseating.com   Feel free to connect to see if we are  good fit…if not, I will recommend a sales trainer who will be. 

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