Kathy’s June 6 Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”


Questions this week have hit an all time high!  Great to hear so many reps are sincerely interested in perfecting their craft! If yours doesn’t appear here, it will be answered personally in your inbox, so thanks for asking…and keep the questions coming!  Let’s keep you all growing and getting ready for that next level!

‘Hey Kathy,

I read your articles, blogs, posts and wonder…I’m a group sales rep. What makes some reps strike gold with some of the groups you talk about and some of us are lucky to get 75 from the same thing?”   L, southeast

Hi L,

This sounds like an upcoming article I need to write!  Actually, there are some vital steps to getting the numbers you would like. From inviting multiple people to a brainstorming meeting, to having an idea that sparks conversation but having them all give their input as to how they envision the event to be and then following up…a lot…there is a lot of work to be done.  The most important thing to remember is this:  it’s not about you. It’s not about your idea, it’s not about you selling tickets, it’s not about your hitting a goal.  Instead it’s all about them and the impact they are looking to make happen. You are simply the facilitator.  The reason I insist teams have these brainstorming meetings with people from multiple like groups is so you get firsthand the impact they are looking for.  Also, if you work together (2 reps to a supersize group) each other’s strengths come to light and so much more happens.

As we move forward to 2020 and beyond, it’s really important for teams to remember a key ingredient:  it’s not about the teams anymore. It’s not even totally about the experience.  It’s about impact. What impact does your team have on the community? Fans see the athletes as overpaid for doing a fun job, and the organization bleeding the public for every last dollar. But when they see the efforts combined for a common good, they see the team / organization in a different light. They see them as being part of the community.  This is a win for everyone.

Hope it helps!


“Hey Kathy,

Quick question…are you a fan or no fan of sales directors having a personal sales goal? ”  C, west

Hi C,

No. If they have to have a goal, it should be extremely nominal…just to keep them active in it. The job description of a sales director should be to coach and develop his / her sales team to be able to achieve their goals.  If the director is focused on selling, the team will always be playing catch up and there will be a frequent loss of employees.

Thanks for asking that C!


“Hey Kathy,

Our management is not too keen on any of the social media type sales, texting a client, and sometimes gets upset if we email. They only want us to make calls.  In your opinion, what is a good process for a ‘normal’ sports sales rep?”  E, east coast

Hi E,

Unfortunately for your  management, life is going to pass them by…as well as sales! Change is hard for a lot of management…they tend to stick with what they grew up with. Some things stay consistent:  building trust, respect for your client, servicing your client, etc.  But how we sell is evolving more and more, and the public wants us to keep in tune to what is available.

A ‘normal’ sports sales rep as you call them will actually use a mixture of sales techniques.  Yes, calls have to be made or the phone will never ring. Relationships have to be built.  But what should a mix of your day look like? Phone calls, in person appointments, prospecting, emailing, texting, connecting on social media, twitter, etc. The more important question is, what do your customers want? Sounds like they are being told how they will be communicated with instead of us asking how they would LIKE to be communicated with.

Good Luck!


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