Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!” July 11


July is half gone…slow down summer!  Some of us still have goals to hit for this season; some of us are starting our goals for next season.  One thing for sure…time is moving ahead whether we are ready for it to or not!  Let’s make sure we’re prepared to hit our goals! To help us, check out this week’s questions!

“Hey Kathy…

We got our goals for this coming season, and I really feel that they are unrealistic.  Considering one person hit their goals last season, does it make sense to expect us to do more? I just don’t see how I / we can if we didn’t last year.”   C, south

Hi C,

It seems to me that you are spending a lot of energy stressing over what you can’t control. The goals are set.  You can’t control that.  What you can control is your effort, your pipeline, your closing ability, your day.  Let’s focus on that. What can you improve so you CAN hit your goal?  This would include:

  • schedule your day by hour so that what you put into the hours is energy toward hitting your goal
  • set a daily goal of revenue you want to bring in and work at it hard
  • identify your time vampires and remove them from your day
  • fill your pipeline with 3-1/2 times your goal so that you have every opportunity to hit it
  • what is the person doing that did hit their goal? What are you missing in your day that they are doing?
  • evaluate your daily effort
  • how can you improve your closing skills

These are just a few things, but life is about controlling what you can control, and letting go of the stress of the things you can’t.  You can control your method of performance, so that is what is important to start.

Let me know how it is going,


“Hey Kathy,

What is the secret to keeping sales reps?  I feel like we are a training ground for other teams as our reps leave for other teams after about 2 years.”  J, east

Hi J,

Not every team has your problem, so it tends to point towards something your team is or is not doing.  Are there common threads on the exit interview?  Is communication strong in your team? Is leadership in touch with your staff? Is the culture a positive growth culture? Is your pay competitive?

Take a good look at what your working environment is like and see what it is that needs to be changed to make it more desirable for reps to stay.


Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Send YOUR questions weekly by noon on Tuesdays to:  kathy@soldoutseating.com

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