August 1: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


Here it is August already…the dog days of summer creeping up.  Speaking of dogs, kudos to the many of you who have had dog days at your venues!  Great to be able to bring man’s best friend!!!!

Meanwhile, we have questions to answer, so read on!

“Hey Kathy,

I know you’ve mentioned using video of ourselves talking about something.  When is the best time to use this for season memberships? And should we use it as a sales tool for groups? ”  R, Canada

Hi R,

I’m a huge fan of using videos. 30 seconds can do a lot that emailing and calling can’t. With that being said, if you’re looking for new sales, there are a few of my favorite times.  The first is when you’ve called three or more times to follow up and not been able to reach them.  The second is when they say “can you send me something?”  We all know that is the kiss of sales death, so instead of sending them ‘stuff’ and never hearing back, send them you!  A short video in the facility showing them what you are talking about and highlighting a perk or two. For example, “here is the club section and actually here are the seats I recommend for you…look at the sight lines!  Now let me show you how close you are to the food, the restrooms, and the lounge.  I can’t hold these seats, so call me as soon as you watch this so we can solidify what it is you would most like to do.”  The third is those that you let get away and haven’t heard from in a while.  Sending them a short video, showing a fun section, and simply saying “This group is having an amazing time here today…it could be your group!  I’ve missed not being able to entertain you here at xxxx.  Call me when you watch this and we can get you in before the season ends!” Groups you can have tons of fun with just as season…do a little walk around and show and tell for 30 seconds or so.  Blast it out.  I’m a fan of call, then email the video, then call again.

The key to the video, just like the key to selling, is engagement.  Getting them engaged is worth far more than an email. People buy from people.  People buy emotionally and justify it later logically.  Be there. Show them. Get them into the moment.

If you go a video route, send me one…would love to see it!


“Hey Kathy,

What is the easiest way to sell groups as the season winds down?”  P, westcoast

Hi P,

Brainstorm with the team and create some packages.  Make them small.  You’re not trying to sell a group of a thousand in a short time, but rather multiple groups for remaining games.  Packaging is a great option.  For example, t shirts are generally a least expensive option and quick to get printed. Put together a unique one and then pound out the calls/emails/videos/social media with messaging.  For example, if you have a dog as a mascot, put the dog mascot on the shirt and something like “Dog Days of Summer at xxxx park” .  Set your goal, such as 20 tickets + 20 tshirts you can only get through this offer. Or 50, whatever your minimum goal to get out is.  My point is, you can pound out those smaller groups faster.  Don’t have a budget?  If your group rate is $5 off a ticket and the tshirt is $3, then just discount $2 or simply charge the regular price.  So many creative and fun ideas to put on shirts and have a play on words with your team name.

If you are using your venue now and in the winter have events planned, then package the events together.  If you have a sponsor that is willing, package it with the sponsor (20 tickets and 20 burgers at xxx or 20 games of bowling, etc. People want the added value. Does this upset other groups?  Don’t forget…buying early gave them their choice of seats and dates and a group discount.

If you use this program, it should be for a limited time, not the entire rest of the season. For example, purchase must be made between Aug 1 and Aug 15 for any remaining games.

Hope this helps!


“Hey Kathy,

In our meeting, we were just told that we will have a hefty premium goal for the upcoming year.  This will include club area and suite leases.  Any ideas?”  S, Midwest

Hi S,

I am confident you’ve been through the process of who to sell to and defining who your people are for each of those areas.  If not, email me separately and we can talk.

My thought at this time is more of the how, and two things come to mind.  The first is group think…like execs getting together and viewing it, having someone of influence discuss the reasoning as to why having a second office at your venue makes sense, etc.  The second is education.

Everyone talks about telling your prospects about the value of bringing prospects to a suite, club area, but no one really defines how to track success.  This is where you can be the person that stands out.  How do you track if usage is successful? Do you have a process in place to show them? Do you partner with them to make sure they are having success?

I have a section in my workshops where we discuss the premium sale and explaining to the prospect how we can help them track success, and why you will be the admins best friend.  This is where I win clients over.  It’s not a win for me unless they are getting a win.  When they see that I am fully vested with a plan to help them be successful in their usage, they are most apt to say “I like this idea of a ‘second office’ and tracking this is so much more helpful.”

The secret to success in premium is not selling them what we want, but partnering with them to make sure they are making a sound investment with returns. This is just smart business.


Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

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