Is the Season Ticket Gone?

season tickets 1

It used to be a badge of honor to have season tickets to a sporting event.  You were envied, everyone came to you hoping to be asked along or give the tickets to use for the night.

With people’s lifestyles changing, will the season ticket survive ?  How can we make sure that people get the tickets that make the most sense for them?

With times changing, here are 3 ideas how season tickets can become memberships, passes, or experience banks:

The traditional season ticket.  No matter what anyone thinks, there will always be those of us who are purists of the game.  We are the ones who get their snacks before it starts so we don’t miss a minute, keep score, and/or know the stats, players, rankings, etc.  We go to the games because we love the sport itself. For us, our value is the seat we choose that we feel gives us the best experience for our money for all games.  This is OUR seat, and we get to know the people around us who are also sport purists and form our own little group.  We like to keep our seats, know the people around us, get a season ticket holder gift, and feel appreciated.  We are your investors in the team. We are members.

The passes.  Not everyone comes to the game because we love the sport.  Some of us simply love ‘connecting.’  We love our team, but don’t stay glued to the game.  We are there to meet up, have fun, and hang out.  It doesn’t matter to us if we have a seat or not, and we certainly don’t care to have the same seat for every game.  We just want to be part of something with others, meet up with friends, and oh hey – there’s a game going on too!  For us, give us a pass and let us hang out.  I promise you, we’ll spend enough money once we’re in there without ever getting a sat!

The experience bank.  Some of us with companies especially, aren’t really sure what our needs are or who would use the season pass.  Users can change from game to game along with reasons why they are there.  The same seat doesn’t always make sense.  There are days we could really use a suite, club seats, or a beer and a hot dog in the closest section. The problem is, we can’t be tied down to one area nd have it fit all our needs.  This is where the experience bank comes in.  With this, we will just invest money in the increments you have told us ($2500? $5000? etc.) and simply request the areas we need the experience in .  For example, I have $10000 in my experience bank.  Thursday we have some prospects we’d like to take, so 4 club seats would be perfect.  On Saturday, we are hosting some ofour board for a state of the union, and a suite would be perfect.  Our needs change per game, so we simply use the money where we want to.

A true season ticket will always be the members of our organization with a  seat that the client chooses for all the games where they can watch the sport they love and enjoy the friends around them. This is their membership to their club.   But for the others, a slightly different concept will work better. Millennials find that passes work much more easily for them as they meet up and have a fun, shared experience together.  Experience banks work well for companies who want to invest with us, but not in a certain seat for all games.

So keep the season ticket membership, as these are your most serious core fans.  Offer variations to fill in ways the current times call for us to experience our games.  Just as we tell staff in training, there is no ‘one size fits all’, the same goes for  the season experience.  Various ‘sizes’ will enable us to grow our revenue while filling needs.  How can you create packages that fit various client needs?

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Sales/leadership/retention training and long term strategy planning:




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