Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!” Sept. 5


For some teams, it is or almost is playoff time!  For others, it’s the last step to gearing up for winter play.  Either way, there are still questions to be asked and answered!  Read on!

“Hey Kathy,

How can I get better at keeping group leaders?  It seems they are excited and we start the process, but then I can’t get ahold of them again.  How am I losing them?” D, southwest

Hey D,

Rule #1 if it is a group you are prospecting.  Always have more than one person in the meeting or more than one that is working on it.  Some group leaders like the idea, then when they realize it’s time to get it to work, get the message out, connect more…we hear crickets.  What happens? Sometimes it just isn’t a priority anymore.  Sometimes they just don’t want the added work.  Sometimes they just tried to appease us.  But what can we do?

Again, if prospecting have more than one person in on the meetings so you can turn to someone else for follow through.  In the initial meetings, set the expectations, discuss the process, and the timeframe.  Have ideas ready. Have creative eblasts ready.  Let them know you are there to help and support.  If you start the process in September and the game is in June, don’t wait until March to again connect.  Be connecting throughout.  Take them a gift. Invite them for coffee.  Don’t just go crickets yourself until you are ready to have them buy.  Ask for a deposit to start the process. Whether it’s $50 or $500, a payment creates a commitment.  Have them be part of the journey.  Don’t just start the group and fade yourself…how can you involve them every couple of weeks?

I remember once a large group I was meeting with.  Everything was going great.  I had one contact.  When I tried to get back in touch, she was nowhere.  Later, I found out she was fired.  No one wanted to pick up the ball and run with it. I learned my lesson on losing that sale.  Make sure you have a couple of contacts you are working with. Stay in touch biweekly.  Get a deposit.  Include them in the journey. Make it energizing for them.

Keep me posted.


“Hey Kathy,

I am starting a new sports sales job with a management title.  I want to make my mark.  Any tips?”  E, east coast

Hi E,

Follow the golden rule and you will be a great leader:  “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”  Whether you are starting your career or been in your career 10 years, keep a daily journal.  What did you experience in leadership each day that you liked and you didn’t like.  Go through it periodically.  Remind yourself what it was to be like in others shoes.

The best way to make your mark is to do your job.  Our job as a leader is to coach and develop our staff.  Focus on that.  Don’t ask weekly ‘what’s in your pipeline?’  Actually coach and help them.  Give them something solid to work on that is measurable.  Help grow them.  If you develop your people to become the best they can be, goals will be hit and you will look brilliant.  Empower them.  Encourage them to have ideas and use them.  Help them feel vested in the organization.  Remember:  To lead you must have followers.  To be a follower, you have to believe in the leader.  Build the trust, grow your people, and inspire them to hit goals. In doing so, you will be stellar!

Congratulations and Good Luck!

“Hey Kathy,

What are your thoughts on sending renewal packets with a letter, changes, invoice, etc.?  I feel like I am answering questions continually that were in the packets.” G, midwest 

Hi G,

Going through many, many renewals with various teams, I would venture to say very few people read much of the packet.  They look at the price and then call. “Why is this price up?”  It’s in the packet.  “What are going to be some new things this year?”  It’s in the packet.  “What about parking?”  It’s in the packet.  “What are my perks?”  It’s in the packet.  No wonder you second guess why you ever sent it!

Although rarely read, it’s great to have a paper trail that they have in hand.  How we do it is crucial.  Rarely does anyone read the owner/President’s letter if it’s lengthy.  Keeping it short, sweet and to the point will encourage more to read it.  Having a PS at the bottom is a plus, as you should put a key point in it.  Most eyes are drawn to the PS first, and, if interesting, the letter will be read.

Remember, the less ‘wordy’ the better.  Bullet the points you want read.  Make changes simple and easy to read. Label sections clearly.  Don’t put a lot of stuff in it just to fill it. What is important that your members get this year? That’s what you need to include.

The best way to give the renewal packet is in season, brought down to the seat by you.  You can mention a few key points that you know your particular client will want to know about and explain pricing at that point.  Better,  you can introduce them to an upgraded seating area and let them know the seats are available should they want to upgrade.

Good Luck!  Hope you’re not answering questions in your sleep!


Send YOUR questions by 5:00 EST Tuesdays to:  kathy@soldoutseating.com  All questions are answered, some in the newsletter, some personally. 

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating.  Follow my blog at :  soldoutseating.wordpress.com 

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