Is Your Sports Sales Team Wanting to Get To That Next Level?

If so, we’d better start looking at January 2019!  Sold Out Seating is filled up till the end of the year with teams wanting to take their staff to that next level of personal business plans,  quarterly planning, better prospecting, influencing, and more.  I have officially opened the first quarter of next year for teams who want to get better.  Dates will be first come, first serve.

Whether it’s training you want (sales, leadership, retention) or a retainer to help with all aspects (3/5 year strategy planning, assessment, redefine job descriptions, hiring, interviewing, coaching the leadership team, creating new season strategy, etc.) let’s chat!  I don’t believe in working together until we talk first and make sure I am the fit for your team.

If you are in the off-season, then let’s talk now about how to get to 2020 and beyond!


New opportunities.  First come first serve.  Starting with January! 

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer:  Sold Out Seating



Check out Potato Chip Ticket Sales by Kathy Burrows:


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