Wow Place to Work

Keeping our sales staff is vital in today’s sports world.  Taking the time to train over and over not only costs a lot on the employer’s side, but creates frustration on the fan side.  How can we best eliminate that turnover? Making sure our culture is one that is positive, ‘we’ vs me mentality, and one in which everyone on the sales team is part of the bigger picture.  How do we create this?

A positive culture starts with leadership.  What does the staff need? What can I as a leader provide? What type of environment do I want to create and how can I do it?

Here are 5 steps to leading your team to a positive culture:

Empowerment.   Enabling our staff to run their own small business within the franchise gives them a stronger desire to do what’s best for the company, and let’s them know we appreciate the fact they have a brain, and we will let them use it.  Giving them the tools needed to make decisions with their clients creates a ‘can do’ atmosphere and a more positive culture.

A say in the business and understanding of the business itself.   Instead of making all the decisions and telling the staff what they will or will not do, having them help create some of the decisions gives them ownership of the business.  Using staff ideas in decisions being made helps them feel they don’t just work for the business but help create decisions in the business.  Knowing where the company has been, where it is going in the next 5 years, and what their role the upcoming year will be enables the employee to have a better vision of what their contributions will mean.  It helps create better accountability and more camaraderie as to working together to achieve goals.

A positive, inspiring leader.  Believe in your staff.  Inspire your staff.  Believe in the mission you are on yourself.  Be the tour guide, not the travel agent.  Bring them along on the journey.  Help them see what you see.

Ownership of their day.  When staff can manage their own morning huddle, set their own daily goals, manage their own sales meetings and celebrate victories and assess losses and create their own plan to overcome, they are truly running their own small business.  There is more pride in goals being set and achieved, more contributions made during sales meetings when they manage them themselves, and more creative ideas are had when they are left to their own devices.

Work hard, play hard.  Knowing that work and their contribution is key, but achieving goals and celebrating those accomplishments is part of work creates a ‘want to do’ attitude.  Taking time to celebrate those achievements as a group let’s them know how valued they are.

5 simple things but so often overlooked. How often do we, as leaders, focus on managing the numbers instead of creating a culture in which the numbers will come?  We spend the greater part of our day at work. Why not create an environment in which people actually look forward to spending their day with us?

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

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