Oct. 4: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


Moving from OH to AZ, we may not have the colors of fall, but I’m sure not raking leaves from a cactus plant!   This gives me more time to answer your mailbag questions!  Read on…

“Hey Kathy,

No matter what approach I don’t seem to connect on a first call.  I usually say who I am, who I’m with, and ask if they’ve considered opportunities with us here. It goes downhill from there.  Any suggestions?”  S, east coast

Hi S,

Sounds to me like a few too many potato chips!  Think about it…you’ve jumped right into a spiel without even establishing a relationship.  Do you really think you’re going to close on a first call?  You may, but it will be a short-term sale instead of long-term.  Build the relationship first.  Get them emotionally engaged. Then start asking needs based questions.  How to get them engaged? Generally a magic question I like to ask is “I’m curious … who did you attend your very first sporting event with?  Tell me about it.”  This opens up a flood of memories, which is was sports creates.  From there it’s an easy transition to “what if I told you I could help create those same memories?”

Whether you use my  magic question or create your own, I recommend slowing down and asking something that will engage them with the great memories of sports and be more apt to listen.  Let me know how it works!


“Hey Kathy,

How do you phrase the sale to sell a long-term suite lease vs a rental?”  L, east coast.

Hi L,

I recommend they consider a second office on our property.  With their lease, they do not have to pay utilities or taxes, simply pay the fee for usage over 3 or 5 years.


“Hey Kathy,

If our season ends in Sept. or thereabouts, what percentage in groups should we strive for each quarter?”  M, west coast

Hi M,

The first year, as you move up sales, strive for 20% of your sales by the end of December, 65% by the end of March and 100% by July 30.  As you continue to move up your sales, you will be able to have 30% by the end of December, 80% by the end of March and 100% by July 1. This gives you the opportunity to show and tell in season and start to take deposits for the coming year.  Sales will start coming earlier for you.


Send YOUR sales questions each week by Tuesday at 5 p.m. to:  kathy@soldoutseating.com  Questions will be answered either in the weekly column or personally, but each will be answered.  

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Currently filling 2019 first quarter with sales trainings and strategic planning sessions.  Limited availability left…contact Kathy@soldoutseating.com

Need a sales how to? Stories, tips, and exercises to increase your sales?  




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