Why Sports Sales Staff Should Work Games

World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game Two

I’ve experienced it all…the ‘have to work all 81 games” to “work every 3rd game” to “leave after the first hour of the game.” In minor leagues, the sales staff wears many hats from rolling out the tarp to picking up the pucks after the puck throw at the end of the game.  When asking staff how often they visit with clients, it ranges from ‘always’ to ‘a select few’ to ‘no time.’  I’ve come to the realization that there is no real reason for sales staff to be there unless they have a true purpose that will net results.

What is the purpose of your staff being there?  To help run promotions, solve problems, sell on extra tickets or all of the above? If you’re not sold out every night, and your renewals aren’t in the 92% and up range, then perhaps your sales staff isn’t being utilized as well as they should.

What is the purpose of sales staff working a game? Here are 5 reasons as to how it can help increase your percentages and revenue:

Enables you to have 3 of the 6 in person touch points needed throughout the year.  Three 1:1 in person touch points during the season speaks volumes to your season member, partial plan member, group leader, or premium or corporate member.  It enables you to make sure you visit the within the first month of the season to make sure  tickets are being used correctly so they feel the value, mid-season early to make sure there are no problems and reaffirm their buying decision and later mid season prior to renewals to make sure they realize just how valued they are.  Recognizing a client in person at an event and calling them by name screams ‘you are valuable to me.’  Makes me satisfied I spent my money with you!

Helps you solve a situation right from the start before it becomes a problem when you meet early on with your clients at games.  There is nothing worse than going to renew someone and having them say they didn’t really see the value in having the package with us.  That tells me we didn’t do our job.  We let an entire season go by without making sure we were meeting clients needs and creating a great buying experience.  Meeting them and addressing it early on enables us to create satisfaction with our client.

Meeting new potential clients and taking time to talk with them.  How many times have you encouraged staff to stand in back of the rows and observe…a family having a great time, a couple enjoying themselves, a fan really into the game? Some of my best future sales came by sliding over by them and watching the game for a few minutes then commenting on their engagement with the game.  Starting a discussion, especially during a time out or inning change, you have an audience that is engaged in the moment…the best time to relate.  Tell them you’d like to help with future buying needs…get their name and number and give them your card.  Then follow-up.  We look for prospects….and they are right at our games.

Inviting new prospects for show and tell.  The reason why we work hard to hit our goal a month or two prior to the season ending? We want to have show and tell for our new prospects.  There is nothing better than inviting new prospects to a game and sitting down with them for a quarter or an inning or a section of the race and point out different experiences depending on where one is sitting/experiencing the game from.  Taking them on a tour after (or before) also helps show your prime real estate and enables them to make a better buying decision.

Work the crowd in the ticket lines.  If you’re box office windows are open prior to the game and not subject to online only, this is a prime time for sales reps to talk to people in the line, help them solidify their buying decision prior to getting to the window, and talk about how many games they might be coming to this year and how they might save them some money.  Believe it or not, many partial plans can be sold to people waiting in line…especially if you offer them an instant upgrade in their seat for that game or throw that game in for free if they buy the package.

I can come up with at least 10 more reasons why sales staff should be working a game but say we stick with these 5.  How much can this help the bottom line? An increase in renewals as your staff is achieving the necessary touch points and additional sales being made to prospects who are already engaged in the game!  There is NO better time.

We search and search for customers.  The best ones, the ones that are easiest to talk with, are right in our facility.  10 new prospects a game should be a goal.  How much more effective could our sales staff be ‘working the crowd’ instead of standing at a sales table?  What’s easier? Talking to an engaged client or dialing for dollars? Are we using our staff wisely to connect the dots?

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer, Sold Out Seating

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