Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!” Oct. 24


The leaves may start falling, but not our sales!  Let’s fix your problems! Read on…

“Hey Kathy,

What do you recommend as a good way to sell mini plans? Who can we contact other than past single buyers over and over?”  T, west coast

Hi T,

First, you should be capitalizing on those who come in groups.  If you have their info from links or sheets sent out, those are a good start other than the typical single game buyers.  From there, I would work with the box office and capitalize on the lines for walk up.  Rather than stand in line, you could offer them the opportunity to come to 5 more games (or whatever your mini plan is) and tell them you will take care of them right there and either give them today’s game for free or upgrade today’s game.  I would also use your team shop buyers leads. Just different categories to reach out to….


“Hey Kathy,

I have a corporate client that no matter what we do, we can’t seem to please him. We’ve tried different promotions and he just keeps saying it’s not doing it’s job. Help?”  W, midwest

Hi W,

Perhaps you didn’t actually do a strong enough needs assessment.  What is it they want in a partnership? What has been their experience…How do they determine xxx? How do your customers react to xxx? Etc.  Are you putting together a ‘typical’ on field promotion or radio promotion that has been used before by so many or trying to thing of a creative way to truly promote their brand so it’s top of mind?

I would sit down with their marketing team and start from scratch.  What is it they exactly want from this partnership? How will they measure it? Create some new ideas and present.  More often than not, I am hearing from corporate partners that the creativity in partnerships has dropped and so has the ROI.  So what can you brainstorm with your team that will bring a unique idea along with a strong way to achieve an ROI? This is most likely what they are looking for.

Let me know how the Marketing meeting goes and we can brainstorm together…


Kathy Burrows, SOS

Submit YOUR sales questions by Tuesdays at 5 p.m. EST to:  kathy@soldoutseating.com 


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