Hiring the Right Person In Sports Sales Starts With the Job Description


Teams are continually asking how they can hire smarter.  Often I hear someone lasts less than a year, it’s not a good fit, they seemed right at the start, etc.  Interestingly enough, I ask them what it is they are looking for and they rattle off a job description that is generic for any team.  Therein lies the biggest part of the problem.  The job description you post is crucial to understanding what it is you need.

Many managers will call and ask if I have a job description they can use, to which I respond, there is no ‘one size fits all.’  Hiring the right person starts with knowing what it is you need. You don’t just need a ‘sales rep.’ or a ‘manager of sales’ or a ‘director of sales.’  Knowing what your department currently has, what they could use and what could enhance the culture is part of creating the job description.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when creating the sales job description:

Of the 4 areas of strengths (Relationship, Influencing, Strategy, Executing), which is your sales department needing someone’s strength in the most?  Do you need a better closer? Someone who is able to host large-scale meetings to bring in ‘chunks’ of people?  Someone who is more apt to be outside building relationships and selling?  Someone who can plan out their strategy for quarterly sales? Someone who is strong at fulfilling all the ideas they create?  Creating the right balance in the office actually enhances culture.  Know what you are looking for.

If managerial, do you want someone to add to sales or do you really want someone to grow the staff?  Be specific.

Do you want them to have experience making recommendations based on analytics? 

Do you need someone who has strong prospecting abilities?

Do you need someone who is self-confident in asking for a close?

Do you need someone strong in fulfilling a needs assessment with clients?

Do you need someone who is just great at creating conversations with people? 

The more specific in your job description of the person you want the closer you will get to finding the right candidates and making a better decision.  Focusing on the generic job description will give you generic results, wasted hours, and generally the wrong fit.  Simply put, why waste time pouring through resumes that aren’t what you are looking for?  Investigate what it is that you really want, and the more specific you can be, the more apt you are to find the right candidate!

Happy hunting!

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Sales/leadership training:  kathy@soldoutseating.com



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