Oct. 31: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


Happy Halloween!  We have some ‘spooky’ questions today! Read on…

“Hey Kathy,

What do you feel is the best…giving out free with a potential to upgrade or bogo offers?”   S, southern team

Hi S,

Can I give neither as an option? If I have to pick one, I would say bogo.  But first, I have to caution you.  I refer you to the “Overton 3/5/7 Rule” in honor of a VP I worked with back in the day, Jeff Overton.  The rule is this:  what impact will this ‘free’ or ‘bogo’ have 3 years/5 years/7 years down the road? Once you give a selected group this offer, how do you ever get it back? How will you ever change it? In the past 3 weeks I have met with teams who are asking how to get people to start paying instead of refusing to come if they are not given back their free tickets.  This is a problem we created, and it won’t reverse overnight.  If you have to give free, can you have it sponsored and paid for? For example, reading programs.  What sponsor can be connected to our reading programs that will purchase the tickets, even at a discount?  There has to be value to our tickets and totally free does not give that value.

Let’s talk and think through a better way…


“Hey Kathy,

Our sales staff is young and good, but either our goals are not realistic or we are overwhelming them when they get them.  How can we make it manageable?”  B, east coast 

Hi B,

This is a question I’ve been thinking about myself, and I  have some thoughts. There are 2 things we should or could do:  one is to break it down to quarters which is what I”m doing when meeting with teams.  In looking at 3 month intervals we give them the 3 month goal and they create their strategy as to how they will attain it, have a team leader that keeps track and motivates them, and in this way they are truly running their own small business.

Another thought I had recently is simply taking a quarter, giving a weekly goal for that quarter, then having them create the strategy.

The point is, it’s easier to come to work knowing I have this select weekly goal for the next 12 weeks. It’s more manageable.  It gives me hope to attain it.

Teams that are using the quarterly goal and focus I have found to be more apt to bring in better revenue numbers and ultimately hit goals. It’s more manageable for the team and it builds a much stronger culture.


“Hey Kathy,

No matter what gift we give our season members, we don’t get a decent renewal.  Ideas?”   J, midwest

Hi J,

The gift is great, but the way to get to a 90-95% renewal rate is in the touch points.  Do you have 6 in person touch points a year…3 in season and 3 out of season? What do your reps do to reach out each month, and I don’t mean a phone call. What unique ways can you connect? How can you utilize your sponsors and create wow moments?

The point is, out of sight, out of mind. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing someone in season, being asked for a renewal, and then crickets the rest of the year.  Let’s refocus on what we are doing and have our reps each create a plan as to how they will connect each month.


Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Sales and Leadership workshops:  kathy@soldoutseating.com  First quarter for 2019 is nearly full…have you planned for your staff training?

Want to add to your sales library? I can recommend a book 🙂





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