Nov. 7…Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


Happy after Halloween and let the countdown to Thanksgiving begin! While many are planning their strategy for stuffing that turkey or getting stuffed,  others  have questions this week concerning sales strategy.  Read on!

“Hey Kathy!

You talk about strategy prior to starting a quarter, but I tend to disagree.  I feel I want my team focused on the overall goal for the year.  If they miss the goal for the quarter I don’t want them discouraged.  My team is usually close to hitting the yearly goals when they focus on the year.” B, east coast

Hi B,

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades as the saying goes! At the end of the day, you still haven’t hit the goal.

I take it you don’t want them discouraged if they don’t hit the goal, but are you coaching/inspiring/helping them break it down to hit the goal? I respectfully disagree with your logic. While keeping our eye on the bigger prize (hitting our yearly goal), breaking it down to focus and goal for quarters enables staff to learn to plan a strategy as to what is most important each quarter, how they will accomplish it, and how they will bring the revenue in.  If you simply focus on the end goal, I have a feeling you are focusing on ‘sell, sell,,sell’ and not preparing them as great sales reps.  Just saying…..


“Hey Kathy!

What are your thoughts on in-season renewals? I know lots of teams do them but we hesitate making the jump.”  R midwest

Hi R,

No better time to talk about your product than while experiencing the product.  The key is to have a campaign, not just send out the renewals.  This should be done in sections.  We should be re-energizing not just renewing.  Upgrading them for a game, checking their experience, then letting them know those seats are available for the upcoming season are a simple yet effective upgrade option in a renewal.  Can’t do that out of season.  You can, but if a  game isn’t going on it doesn’t mean as much.

Think the process through. Create a well thought out campaign.  Put it into action.  You can have a tremendous renewal season if done correctly (and you have kept up with monthly touch points).


“Hey Kathy,

I don’t mind selling season or group to consumers but panic with businesses. Any ideas?”  M, Midwest

Most of us start out hesitating selling to businesses for a couple of reasons: one, we are not used to talking to ‘those important people’ and two, we should be offering the best experience and (gulp) that sounds like a lot of money.

My question to you is this:  how much do you believe in your product? How much do you feel those seats up close are the best you have? How much do you feel that an all-inclusive area can cover a host of needs for a business? If you don’t believe it, nothing I or anyone says will change that.  You have to believe in your product first.  Once you do, you need to believe that you want to give them the best possible experience based on their needs.

I would suggest starting out with setting some meetings and asking someone to go along with you. Or go along with others to observe.  I would also suggest prospecting and looking at the business.  If you BELIEVE they should be doing business with us, your conversation will be much different from just random calling.

Did you notice the word ‘believe’ came up a lot?  That is the key. Price won’t matter when you believe.


Kathy Burrows, CEO, Sold Out Seating

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