How To Make Sure YOUR Thanksgiving Is Filled With Sales!


On the light side…

  1. Make a visit to the grocery store BEFORE Thanksgiving. Make sure your business card is tucked inside every turkey!  While you’re at it, make sure you tape them on to every pumpkin pie, too.  It’s a great time to get your name out!


  1. While mom, Aunt Matilda, and cousin Grace are cooking the turkey, visit the neighbors. Take your business cards and go door to door telling the neighbors of an “after Thanksgiving deal”… And they don’t have to fight the mall traffic to do it!


  1. When giving thanks at the table, don’t hesitate to bring out your list of people who have purchased from you this past year…a little extra help never hurts. Also, take notes and get addresses of all the people the relatives name to give thanks to.


  1. How about those relatives? Remember, they thought they came over to get stuffed for a Thanksgiving meal.  But you really know you had them come over for a list of referrals!  Let them know how much you appreciate them, fill them so they can’t move, then remind them that you need to get your 28 # turkey’s worth out of them! Make sure they brought their Christmas Card lists with them and copy them in the back room while they’re moaning about how stuffed they are!  Leads, leads, leads!!!!


  1. During intermission of the football games, sprint from door to door along the next 4 blocks in your sports attire, working off your turkey, and offering each their choice of fruitcake or season opportunities…trust me…they’ll be thrilled to take the season opportunities!  You won’t hear no!


  1. When is the one day of the year you’ll see the most people? Black Friday!   Stand at the mall disguised as a holiday greeter and pass out your business cards and give season opportunities.  Look at the money you’ll save not spending on Christmas gifts, and the money you’ll make by your sales!  If mall security picks you up, make sure you get a season package out of them before you go to jail.


  1. Slip Santa a little bottle of Bailey’s if he’ll remind each kid sitting on his lap that they REALLY want their parents to buy season tickets!


  1. Get the neighborhood kids together and start practicing caroling…make sure the words of Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, etc. all reflect season tickets. Have order sheets ready! “Dashing to xxx (your sports facility), in an orange barreled highway, o’er the bridges we go, laughing all the way..hahahaha…teams are warming up, fans are filling the seats, oh what fun it is to go to a game when xxx  is the team to beat…oh Jingle Bells, Make Your Sales, Selling all the way….”


  1. Plan your Christmas outdoor lighting ceremony for Thanksgiving night! Invite all the neighbors, friends, city, city council, heck, invite the state!  Have a drum roll, turn on the lights and show your display:


“For a good time, call xxxxxx !”  (for Season Ticket’s, that is!)

Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t let an opportunity pass you by!  The holiday is a time when people spend without really thinking twice.  Close those sales while they’re in the mood…don’t let up!  Make the Monday / Friday game this week Monday / Wednesday!

Above all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so very Thankful for all of you who want to get as great as they can at their craft, and thankful for the leaders who truly work hard to inspire them.  They are the future of sports.

Kathy Burrows, CEO, Sold Out Seating

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