Dec. 19: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag … “Hey Kathy!”


While visions of sugarplums dance in our heads, we are figuring out ways to have them dance at our halftime, bringing along 150 people with them :).  Ah…tis the season!!!!  Read on!!!

“Hey Kathy,

I have a hard time getting a conversation going on a call. What should be my opening line?”   B, west coast 

Hi B,

Everyone sells differently.  An opening line I use may not be an opening line you are comfortable with.  If you are jumping into sales right away, that’s not a good opening line.  If you are ‘warming them up’ (i.e. using their name a lot, asking how they are,etc.) it will often backfire in today’s world. People know when they are being sold to right off the bat. They can tell insincerity (using their name a lot, trying to make insignificant small talk, etc.).  What they want is honesty.  So what is comfortable for you? Why are you calling? Are you calling to see if they might be a good fit? Then say that.  Are you calling to see if there is a way we might be able to work together? Then say that.  Are you asking how they are? Do you really care? Then don’t ask. I remember asking that once and the woman on the other end told me she had just come out of surgery and was just put back in her room. Why she was answering her phone, I have no idea, but I never asked that again. For me, stating a purpose helps. Asking “do you know who we are” puts them on the defensive, or “have you thought about bringing your clients down to our xxx”  jumps into sales right away.

Ask yourself: why am I calling? How can I state that in a way in which to get the conversation going that is comfortable for me?  This is a process…it’s not a cut and dried statement.  What is right for you might not be right for your coworker.  So ask yourself the questions and develop your reasons.


Hey Kathy,

How can I get myself motivated when we come back after the holiday? I’ve been in the business 4 years and I find those first 2 weeks the hardest to get going again.  Any suggestions?”  J, midwest

Hi J,

You have the rest of this week I presume.  Use it wisely.  Don’t check out :).  First, start making calls and setting appointments for those 2 weeks. The more, the better. Get active from the day you get back.  Second, plan your schedule now for those 2 weeks.  Plan who you will be calling in your power hours. Prospect and be ready with lists.  Get meetings set.  Plan to attend an event.  Get yourself involved.  Third, send out some snail mail “Did You Know’s” or simple one sheet bullet points with a call to action.  Have them ready to either call you or you can follow-up. Fourth, do a video this week that you can send out immediately upon your return. A video about your hospitality, groups, season…whatever you want. Make it fun and lighthearted…get another area working for you.  Lastly, set a daily revenue goal for yourself starting with day one.  If you can put that goal in front of you, it gives you the momentum and passion to go after it.

Hope this helps!


“Hey Kathy,

You’ve been talking a lot about touch points.  So do your trainings include that? Are they preplanned or custom? We are really interested in that portion of it.”  G, midwest

Hi G,

Yes, my trainings include touch points. There is actually something for everyone in trainings: season, group, hospitality, premium, corporate, retention. I’ve had teams include marketing which has been a brilliant idea.  I have an overall outline, but I customize after you and I discuss your needs. I go more into certain areas or will redo areas to make it more beneficial for you.

Most of all, I encourage you to call me and interview me. Let’s see if we are the right fit for this point in time.  My goal is to take your staff to the next level.  I’m not basic training; I’m not 1980 training. I’m still selling. I want to make it relevant and want to make sure I am making your staff the absolute best they can be.

Back to the touchpoints…we don’t manage them enough.  They are crucial to the renewal of our members and must be done year round.  Let’s talk!


Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

For sales or leadership training:  kathy  There are 2 dates remaining for February training…contact me asap.

Loads of questions may already be answered in: Potato Chip Ticket Sales.  Get your copy today!

Potato Chip Ticket Sales


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