Sports Sales Teams and Leaders: What Are YOUR New Year Habits?


Creating goals the beginning of the new year is as American as mom, apple pie, and baseball.  So is forgetting about them 2 weeks in.  I mean, I’ve decided to quit eating potato chips for about 15 minutes every year.  How many times have you set a goal that is general, such as:  I’m going to be a manager this year, or , I’m going to hit my sales goal this year. If a leader, you might say I’m going to move up a notch or I’m going to make sure this team hits their goal. Sometimes the goal is to find a new team.

So we have all these goals…dreams really unless they are written, and by the end of January we are back in the same old same old routine and the goals are on the back burner.

How can we turn these ideas into reality and habits? By adding the ‘how.’  Without a ‘how’ there is no plan, no structure and no real reason or way to accomplish what we want to do.  Let’s look at some examples of goals reps have had:

For Sales Reps:

Move up in title.  What is the month by month plan with this? How can you be on a clear path to move up in title?

  • Hitting monthly goals is one.  How?  What type of structure and habits can you create to ensure that you will be able to hit those monthly goals?
  • Do the job before having a title.  How?  Helping teammates. Setting competitions. Setting examples.  Offer to lead a sales meeting a month or do a small training a month.   What habits can you change by month that will be positive habits that others might follow and be successful with? Start putting a sales tip a day on the board and encourage others to join in.
  • Ask to take on a new initiative you can focus on and prove yourself.  Create one if there is none.
  • Connect and learn from others in the industry of steps they took to move up in their career.
  • Talk with your supervisor to learn where you need to continue to grow to make that next step.  When you find how, put together a growth plan by month to make the changes you need to make. Create new habits.

Hit my sales goal this year.  Now create the plan to make this happen. For example:

  • By month:  create a habit to change to make sales happen. For instance, spend an hour a day prospecting new business.  Another:  practicing different ways to close and focus on this for a month.  Another:  if there are no team power hours, create 2 of your own.  If there are, add a third on your own.  Commit to making that ‘one more call’ or ‘one more ask.’
  • Create new ways to additionally sell.  Send 10 snail mails a day.  Create a video each month to email out then follow-up.  Create packages that are talking points.
  • Review a sales technique weekly and incorporate it into your daily sales routine.
  • Create structure.  Before you leave each night, have a plan in place hour by hour for the next day. Be ready to come in and hit the ground running instead of trying to decide what to do today.
  • Set a goal of what you want to sell each day. Strive for it. Plan it. Make it happen.

Get better at selling hospitality.  What’s your plan? How?

  • Create the plan of the ‘who’ would be most apt to buy hospitality.
  • Create the ‘why’ they would want to. Know your product, the why, and prepare to educate your client on ways to use.
  • Practice more on transitioning to a hospitality area.  What key transition phrases can I use? How can I incorporate hospitality into the conversation?
  • How do our current clients use it? Create your ‘hospitality’ book of pictures of usage as talking points and idea generators.

For Leaders:

Create better culture.  How?

  • How can I learn to ‘let go’ and empower?  Create your steps
  • How can I incorporate cross communication vs top down? Create your steps
  • How can I best motivate each of my team? How can I enable them to do what they do best in the sales process?
  • How can I incorporate ‘team’ vs individuals?

Be more ‘solid’ in my position.  How?

  • Create a strategic plan for the team, after consulting with them, by quarter.
  • Use my position to coach and empower more, tell less.
  • Delegate areas that my staff can grow with.
  • Learn to look at the total picture and create a plan vs be reactionary.
  • Write down things that work and don’t work. How can I better make them work?

These are just examples, but if you sit down and list what is your goal (s) this year, you will see that simply writing it won’t make it happen.  Without a plan, without changing habits, the goal may never become reality.  And next year, you will be sitting there hoping for the same change.

As Ghandi said, “become the change you want to see in the world.”  In order to become that change, we have to have a plan in place.  Once we do, new habits are created and change takes place.  Let’s make this year a changing year for each of us.  Need help? Drop me a line and let’s help get you going.  It’s time to write the next chapter in your book. YOU are writing it. YOU can make it happen!

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer: Sold Out Seating

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