March 27: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


Spring has sprung … and that means seasons starting, seasons ending and sales ideas flowing! With ideas, comes questions…read on!

“Hey Kathy,

I read your article on 10 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable In Sports, and as a leader I have to tell you it’s great in theory but I find the younger reps just don’t have that drive.  Is there a secret to hiring the right ones?”    A, midwest

Hi A,

The secret is in your leadership.  I personally find I love working with the younger reps.  It’s up to us as leaders to find the key that unlocks that drive.  They come aboard and we tend to do things the same way we’ve done them for years, focus on call volume and end up with nothing more than a boiler room. They want to use their brain. They want to be organized and successful.  It’s up to us help them. When I train, especially when I”m on a retainer with a team, I tend to do a lot of strategy…not just visionary but weekly strategy teaching to younger reps to help them focus and hit goals. With that comes accountability. So let’s not worry about who we are hiring next…let’s look more at who we have and have we done everything to help each individual become successful…if we do, then we will have hired the right ones.


“Hey Kathy,

What advice do you have for a new rep (me!) starting out with a 2 day onboarding and no other explanations other than, go ahead and call? I want to succeed but not sure where to start.”  R, east coast

Hi R.,

I am so sorry you had such a short onboarding. I am a strong supporter of anywhere from a minimum 2 week to 3 months onboarding process.  If we prepare you correctly, you will do well, make money and stay! Anything shorter, and we lose people.  But I digress…back to the question.

Let’s start by looking at the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘when’ …who do you want to go after (what categories), what do you want to do that is out of the norm (host after hours, public events, etc)., how do you want to plan your day for success (what category for each power hour, how many calls a day for a goal, how many meetings a week you want to set, etc) and when you want to set your personal benchmarks for.

Having a plan, especially if there is none in your department, will help keep you on track, focused and moving forward.  Share it with me if you like…happy to help!


“Hey Kathy,

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about renewing my seats last summer to make sure I got the all-star game this summer and then they changed the rules and told me I had to renew for next year by the end of the month before the season even started.  You suggested I contact them, which I did. I had asked for them to call me so we could talk and instead I got a standard email from no one in particular that explained how to purchase the tickets.  I’m beyond frustrated and will most likely buy on the secondary market.  Your thoughts?”  E, northeast 

Hi E,

Thoughts? I’m speechless. I am so sorry you are not getting that ‘personal account executive service’ you were promised when purchasing.  It shouldn’t be that hard and thankless to spend money.

I remember once at Macy’s in NY wanting to buy a waterglobe a half hour before they closed.  I went to the register and he was on his cell phone and told me to go to someone else.  I went to 11 registers, each with their own excuse,  before a guard told me I had to leave and could buy it the next day.  It was a cold night, but steam was coming from my ears.

I contacted Macy’s via email and received a form email back saying they were so glad I liked my shopping experience and please tell others. This was definitely not service.  There’s more to the story, but my point is, as a customer, you have money to spend and if you want to talk with someone, you should be able to.  Spending money shouldn’t be so much work.

By the way, I chose to spend my dollars elsewhere…to this day. As a customer, we have long memories.


“Hey Kathy,

We need to get groups in quickly.  Is there a quick way to focus?”  G, southeast

Hi G,

The quickest way to get groups started and on the board is to fill your whiteboard with all your group experiences and focus on filling them for the year. If the season has started or is starting, then focus on April/May/June until sold out and then hit the rest of the months.  If you have 10 experiences and each is a min. of 50 tickets, that’s already 500 group tickets a game to start. From there, you can grow the numbers. What are some of the group experiences? Bench buddies, high-five tunnel, anthem buddies, player buddies, ball drop, play ball kid, photo on the field, intermission game, etc. Those are the fun things to sell as they get something with the purchase, so those should always be a huge focus to start to get the numbers in.


Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer, Sold Out Seating

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