May 14: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


I generally get, on average, anywhere from 15 to 25 questions a week.  Some I answer here.  Others I send a direct answer back to.  No matter where it ends up, I do my best to help our sales staff members get answers, guidance, and hopefully energy.  This week was a big question week with over 30.  I am so very grateful to be helping so many in the industry grow and develop to new heights.  I’m here to help, so don’t stop sending them!

“Hey Kathy,

As we plan for the upcoming year in Group Sales, how do we best help the staff hit their goals? We have contests, etc. but it’s a large number.  Any ideas?”  J, east coast

Hi J,

First and foremost, the staff has to create their strategy for sales.  How do you know where you are going without a GPS?  What should the strategy include? The what, the how, the who, the when.  And it should include how the revenue will be divided.  For instance, everyone should have 2 supersized groups they are bringing in (I don’t mean one group of 2K necessarily; more like a concept in which you keep asking ‘who else’ fits this). That’s a big chunk of their business.  That can grow each year. How? Because the next chunk is your ‘chunky groups’.  These are groups that are about 250-900.  There should be a large number of those.  These are the ones you may end up growing over the years.  Chunky groups are just as important as superized. From there, a smaller part of your revenue will be the small groups.  These are groups from 20 to 100 or 200.

What does this do? This enables you to focus in the off season on building those larger groups: the supersize and chunky and then enables you to focus just prior to the season on the smaller groups that make their decisions closer to the game. This, along with the plan of who, how, when to target, etc. will help guide their steps to success.


“Hey Kathy,

What are your thoughts about when to start new season sales?”  G, midwest

Hi G,

I am a huge fan of focusing on mid season to start the renewal program and the latter 2/3 of the season to start new season.  Also a huge fan of taking one of the last months of games and focusing on a new season campaign.  Set a goal:  100 new season for the month.  What are the hooks? How can we make it happen? How can we welcome new season ticket holders at games they are at via video? How can we go from a ‘something to join’ to a ‘MUST join’ by how we position it?

In short, yes! Do it!


“Hey Kathy,

When we do power hours, we are told don’t leave voice mails just talk to live people to get more calls in. What are your thoughts?” K, northwest

Hi K,

When we do this, we manage by call volume rather than managing our people.  The quality of the calls, be it power hour or anytime is what is key.  A call should end one of 4 ways:  don’t call me again, a sale, a meeting with date and time, a follow up call with date and time. However if you get voice mail, it should end with a creative message/hook that encourages the prospect to return your call to find out more.

For example, you are calling group prospects and have experiences left.  So your voice mail is something like:  ‘Call me about having your company members be part of our giant flag raising on the field at the start of an upcoming game.’    Or season tickets:   Call me back and I’ll explain how you can be part of our upcoming player picnic.”

The point is, make each call count in some way.


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