Ending the Sports Sales Slump

sales slump

It’s baseball season and already we have started seeing some batter’s get into a slump.  Of course the fans think it’s the end of the world, but in reality it’s a step in the normal process of things.   No one is a perfect hitter. It happens.  How they come out of it is the key.

Who goes through slumps?  Athletes.  Those of us with jobs.  Artists. Writers.  Musicians.  Salespeople.  Yes, we are part of that elite group that occasionally go through slumps.  It happens.  The sad thing is it often messes with our psyche.  When it does, it’s up to us to choose if/how we will come out of it.

When batter’s get into a slump, the coach doesn’t keep them in the locker room. They keep them front and center, working through it.  They analyze their swing, their timing, their stance. Are we analyzing ours?

Take ownership of it.  It’s not a lead lists fault.  It’s not because your boss disperses better leads to your coworkers.  It’s not because the team isn’t doing well.  It’s because of us.  Something has changed in the way we sell.  Have we become complacent?  Are we skipping steps along the way? Have we refilled our pipeline?  Sitting back and realizing the slump is ours, we own it, and we also will take ownership of getting out of it.

Identify changing factors.  Look back to when you were hitting your peak. Why did you? Was your pipeline filled? Were you having stronger conversations? Were you leaving more creative voice mails with hooks?  Were you more energized?  What are you doing now?  Are you going through motions? Not filling your pipeline?  Not leaving voicemails that are creative and begging to be responded to?  Letting someone in the prospect’s office leave a message? Simply sending an email because they asked you to send some info over?

Go back to your business strategy.  Your GPS was guiding you to great things.  Somewhere along the way, you disconnected that GPS and are now winging it, hoping to arrive at the same location.  Only problem is, you just went totally off path and are now stuck in Nowhere, USA.  It’s time to look at that business strategy sitting on your desk.  What are you not following? What have you changed up and felt you didn’t need? Why? Get back on track by following your personal guidelines that you set.

Get back to basics and put in the extra elbow grease.  This is not the time to sit back.  Go back to the basics of prospecting, calling, voice mails, in person meetings, and asking for the close.  What words did you use then that you are not using now?  Put a list together of basic sales techniques and make sure you are following them.  Often we get comfortable once we start selling well and lose the basics.  Those are the one thing in sales world that should never change.  Follow the basics and you are on the path to success.

Know the best time of day for successful selling. For most of us it is the morning.  Get in early.  Be there before others.  Put in that extra half hour or hour of making calls and setting appointments.  Most of our clients didn’t get to the exec level by working 9 to 5…they are generally there before the others, too.  No better time to reach them.

Give yourself a new mindset.  Generally when we get into a slump our body language, our voice, our whole being shouts to the world “I’m terrible right now!”  Well….I don’t think I’d want to hear from that person, would you? TODAY is the DAY.  Today I will xxxx….add 10 prospects to my pipeline, or use “I recommend” in every conversation I’m having, or “come across energized”.  How to do this?  Sometimes it’s playing some music while you work. Talking with teammates.  Listen to something funny coming in to work or listening / reading a motivational speaker.

Rearrange your location.  Sometimes just changing where you are sitting can make all the difference in the world.  Go into the conference room for an hour. Go into a suite. Go into the park.  Go somewhere else for an hour and make prospect calls.  I used to take my team to the media section of the park and have them call from there.  They were looking at the park, feeling the energy, changing up their calls to true conversations.   You don’t have to be chained to your desk.

We can all dump the sales slump…but we have to take control of it and make the necessary adjustments.  Is it time for you to go through the steps of your process and see what needs to be revisited?

Kathy Burrows, CEO, Sold Out Seating

Sales/Leadership/Retention/Supersizing Training:  contact: kathy@soldoutseating.com

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