May 22: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag… “Hey Kathy!”


For me, summer officially started with Memorial Day…I’d buy my flowers, plant them all over the long weekend, clean off my deck and sit down with a tasty beverage and enjoy the 90 days of potential sun we had in Ohio. For those who are in summer sports, try to enjoy the nice days as much as you can!

“Hey Kathy,

I know in many instances you like a season sales group and a group sales group.  What about the cross sell? What happens? ”  O, midwest

Hi O,

I do like to separate season and group for a number of reasons. The key is:  you have to know your people and what they are best at, not just assigning people into a group and hoping it works out, and also once you get it working you need to establish the B2B sales group of 2 or 3 people.   First, make sure your employees are well trained in what they are selling and working hard weekly to hit goals. They are focused in one area, so they should be able to excel if properly trained and they are passionate.

Second, the B2B sales group consists of your large scale business sellers. Your season sellers can sell a small business package, but for larger companies you should have a specific 2 or 3 people that are B2B for big business.  Big business prefers one price / one ask.  By this I mean, we don’t sell season then go back and ask for more money for group then go back and ask for more for hospitality, etc.   These are the ones who go out to large companies and make that ask for $5K, $8K, $12K whatever but can include lots with that…season, perhaps a suite for a game, group tickets, etc.  They are packge sellers of t he B2B world that cross sells by packaging.  These are the reps that use both the push/pull techniques and are comfortable in being assertive.


“Hey Kathy,

I was very successful as a group seller and switched sports and locations.  I find it challenging to build the big groups again as I did before. What the others wanted, these don’t seem to care. What should I do?”  P, east coast

Hi P,

Congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming a GREAT seller!  When we sell one style sport and generally one location, we can build a dynasty, true, but we tend to not be as challenged anymore.  By switching locations and more, switching sports, you are opening yourself to starting from scratch and building another dynasty.  With that comes great knowledge and growth.  What works in baseball may not necessarily work the same way in football or soccer or auto racing or basketball or…The concept may be great; the execution may need to be different.

Don’t assume that what you did will work there. It’s like building a box and expecting everyone to fit in it. It doesn’t work that way.  Take the concept, host a brainstorming meeting with some of the prospects and have them develop the concept that will work in their area.  Give them a little ownership.  You need to be the facilitator.

It will all work out. Don’t try to push all your ideas on them…let them present to you and together create the package.  You can do this!


“Hey Kathy,

I’m not comfortable finding the right time in asking for the sale.  I get all my info shared, the customer looks / sounds interested, and I tend to linger and have another call or visit.  What is the right time? ”  D, northwest

When you’ve listened. When you’ve established how you can fulfill needs. When you have the client nodding with you.  When everything has been discussed and you feel you’ve done everything. Ask. Make the recommendation.  Suggest.  And then be quiet.

We talk ourselves out of sales so much by missing the opportunity to ask or suggesting they buy and then we keep talking.  When you’ve done everything and feel a recommendation is in order, recommend.  AND THEN BE QUIET.  Bite your tongue, bite your lip, put the phone on mute, do whatever it takes but be quiet.  If they come back with no, uncover why. More often than not, they will come back with yes.  But they wouldn’t have if you had not asked.

Every time you don’t ask and either keep talking or set up another call or meeting, you are giving them an easy out.  If the conversation is going well, move it forward. In baseball, they take the swing. In basketball, they shoot for the basket.  In hockey, they hit the puck toward the goal.  In football, they run the ball in to the end zone. In soccer, they kick the goal. In sales, we recommend.  Can’t win if you’re not trying to score!


Kathy Burrows, CEO, Sold Out Seating

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