By Popular Demand…The One Day Specialized Sports Sales Workshops

one day workshop

Do you feel your team isn’t ready for a comprehensive two day training?

Do you feel like you need to focus on a certain aspect of your sports sales business and aren’t sure what to do?

Help is a phone call/email away!

The One Day Workshop is now available due to popular demand.  Why are you waiting? 

  • Retention of  Our Season Seat Holders Workshop: 
    • Retention Strategy
    • Onboarding for new season seat holders
    • Touch points to ensure renewals
    • Upselling in a non obtrusive way
  • New Season Sales Strategy Workshop: 
    • 5 year recap
    • Review of Current Demographics and Parallels
    • Today’s buying habits:  new ways to package/buy
    • Creating a workable strategy
  • Supersizing Groups Workshop:
    • Strategy of getting to large
    • Brainstorming
    • Finding ‘like’ groups
    • Hosting a supersize meeting
    • Creating your business strategy for the groups
    • Working with non profits in new ways
  • Leadership Workshop:
    • Help your leaders with positive motivation
    • Accountability
    • Managing by people, not by numbers
    • Managing a younger generation for success
  • Also:  Volunteer Sales Workshop, College Sales Program Workshop, YOUR needs workshop 


Summer is almost totally filled and fall has very few openings remaining.  Contact SOS NOW to make sure you have the strategy in place to create a winning season…on the field, court, ice as well as off!

Kathy Burrows, Sold Out Seating

Contact:    Cell:  440-655-9436 


Have more sports sales questions?  Pick up a copy of Potato Chip Ticket Sales by…me!

Potato Chip Ticket Sales

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