Talking Points: The Value They Bring to Our Sports Sales and Retention Reps


Every sales and retention rep should have their own way of communicating.  That’s part of their personality shining through, and it is important that we keep that uniqueness versus using a canned script. The key is to make sure certain points are being addressed, and often we find our reps wandering and missing some of the key points we want to make sure get communicated or worse, just keep using the same comments over and over. How to fix this?

How many teams use talking points? For example, you are going out with season memberships shortly.  You have benefits. You have value. You have rewards if they come aboard during a certain time. You have the savings of being a season member. You have a personal account rep. You have you have you have….

We go out with a renewal campaign with canned letters and a hurry to renew attitude.  But what are we really saying?  We sell our prime real estate with hospitality and suites and use the canned speech of ‘climate controlled’ or ‘open air’ , ‘privacy’, ‘get to know your clients better’ but does any of that relate? We sell our groups as seating together, a discounted ticket and a personal account rep.  Are those the talking points that move the needle? 

We tend to throw so much at them in our excitement to close a sale  (thus Potato Chip Ticket Sales) that we aren’t giving them the key talking points that can make or break a sale…the emotional engagement phrases, the topics that will invite conversation. In retention, we throw everything at them in the renewal process, leaving them missing the key points and often asking questions that were sent in a very lengthy letter or spoken quickly on the phone. 

Let’s look at retention: 

As we are renewing our season members, we often send out lengthy letters and information that very few people read. What are the key points? This should be a phone call, not an invoice/letter. Let’s start with talking about what is unique for the upcoming year that they may not have had last year. Let’s talk about changes made (if there were) as well as positive changes to the team (if there were). Then let’s state the motivational reason for renewing first round instead of waiting. Let’s invite that conversation. 

Everything we go out with should have talking points. These are the things we really want to stand out in selling or retaining.  

For example, let’s look at a template like this for retention:

  • Key Messages
    • What does the product do: We have a product committed to success in the city
      • Signings in the off season
      • Leadership for the team
      • Creating the foundation to contend for years to come
      • Or, if not much went on in the off season, discussing the visionary plan
    • What does signing up / resigning up do:  
      • Benefits of season membership – xx% savings  over single game+ /hook/
      • Value/Season members only events, etc. 
      • An incentive to upgrade 
    • Round one 
      • Lowest possible price/hook
      • Payment Plans 
      • perhaps a special event
  • Assuming the renewal
    • Emotionally engage them 
    • Use transitional statements
    • Ask  and repeat their words back to them
    • Use open ended questions 
    • Make the recommendation – “Based on what you’ve told me…” 

The point is, with every campaign that comes out, 5 or so talking points should be given to the reps to highlight the message we want to make sure is conveyed.  It doesn’t mean they can’t talk about anything else, but it does mean these are the key points we need to emphasize for the upcoming season. 

Here are some examples of other areas:

Casual bar patio area: 

Our patio is unlike any sports bar patio you will go to.  What does the product do? 

Similarities:   indoor outdoor seating.  Full bar and food. TV’s. 


WE have live action going on right in front of you.

Most sought after place in our venue. 

Casual fun and entertainment.  Used a lot by companies like yours for department outings.

Your own private bar watching the game up close and personal. 

 In premium suite areas using testimonials as to how they are used and how they are tracked as revenue generators invites the conversation you need to close the sale.  For example:

Variety of hospitality areas to fit any size. From luxurious to casual. 

Spacious atmospheres that give you room to mingle and relax, to small, intimate settings that give you the opportunity to get to know your prospects/clients so much better.

Updated, hotel style atmosphere that ranges from luxury couches and chairs to outdoor patio seating. 

Casual menus to chefs specialties. 

We’ve got you covered.

Cost ranges from $xxx to $xxx per person. 

New season tickets.

Our savings in purchasing our full season package is ‘like having 20 tickets free’

Our savings in purchasing our full season package is like adding a beer free to each game. 

We put YOU in the drivers seat in our new flex section.  You have your game can use them in any way you want. We want to use 8 in one day? Want to skip a few days and bring a few friends ?  Our flex section lets you be in charge of when/how many. 

Business season package:  Wouldn’t you like to get in front of 75K of our fans through our social media sites AND be recognized at the game ? 


Picture 100 of your employees unfurling the large flag prior to the game.

With your teams of 300, Picture  kids high fiving the players as they come out, running out with the players, one lucky kid saying “Play Ball” to start the game, sitting on the bench and watching  warm ups….

Picture your company coming out, enjoying a game together, having a ticket that includes their food and their first beer, and one of your lucky employees being chosen to deliver the game ball! 

When you find a new campaign coming out, a renewal campaign starting, or sales becoming sluggish, creating talking points can revitalize both the prospects/renewals and reps.  Look at the situation at hand, decide what will create the most energy and make sure those are included in every conversation. 

Helping our reps create talking points that will be key to helping them close will be a huge help in their quest for success, as well as making sure our prospects/members get the same message.  

The best help you can give your staff are the tools to be successful.  Talking points are one of those key tools.

Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer…Sold Out Seating

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