Thoughts From Season Ticket Holders On Talking Points for Sales and Retention Reps

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My article on talking points this week seemed to have made a lot of sense…especially to season ticket holders.  I have had responses from more than a dozen season ticket holders about their experiences with either renewals or sales, and sadly, none of them have been stellar.


One gentleman stated, “As a long time season ticket holder of baseball and football tickets, I’ve seen every mistake that was pointed out in the post (note:  see my original post on  Sports teams would benefit by bringing in some outside perspective.  Teams don’t even understand basic consumer segmentation, like:

  • I have a four year old and a two year old. Messaging to me should focus on kid-friendly events/activities/updates.

On other point (gets on my soapbox):  MLB’s blackout policy is insane.  I got MLB TV this year with my Rockies season tickets and I can rarely watch a game (home or away) in Denver.  My kids love the Rockies but MLB is massively missing the boat on growing the next generation of sports fans because my boys can only watch highlights after the game or see live baseball when we go (and we don’t have cable TV).”


Another stated, “I had a call from a rep who commented I had attended some games.  In less than 2 minutes he had told me where I should be sitting, perks and benefits, and why I’d be an idiot (not those exact words) if I didn’t buy.  It’s like he was paid to recite the script as quick as he could and not even giving me a point by point reason that made sense for me that I could digest.”


And still another, “We are a family of 5 and have 5 season tickets.  My renewal process was horrible.  It’s like they just have one thing to say without realizing who they are talking to.  I was given a reason why as a ‘business’ I should renew.   Maybe they should prepare their reps to talk about why as a family of 5 we should renew and not use a canned thought.”


Why are we, as teams, in autopilot when it comes to sales and renewals?  This should be time for amazing conversations, relating to our people and instead turn into a canned, quick call to get it done as quickly as possible.

Looking at the first season ticket holder with a 4 and 2 year old, there should be talking points we have that focus on the experience for the kids.  I’m not talking about a kidsland.  I’m talking about how our game will help keep them engaged, make them feel an active part and create a lifelong fan.  We have so many ‘experiences’ that are a benefit for a season ticket adult but why don’t we customize based on the segment of our fan?  Why don’t we have a benefit for those who have season tickets with their kids that creates that ‘wow’ moment for that kid and their parents?  We focus on adult wow moments when, if an adult with kids, it means a lot to create the experience for their kids.  What types of activities can you hold during the year that will include kids and their parents that are season ticket holders?  A party with the mascot, warmups on the field on a non game day, a poster making day and hanging them along the wall to the locker room for the players to see.  Anything that will help us develop those kids into lifelong fans.

As for a new season call, talking points should focus on what it is that pertains to that person.  Whether it’s some of the above mentioned if a family, or the date night aspect in a section with food for a young couple, to the business side if a business.  How can the rep best relate?  Which talking points for which segments makes sense?

Before talking points are even written, the demographic study of the season ticket holders should be done and then talking points written per segment that makes sense.  Knowledge is powerful.  Do we know our demographics/ Do you know your client?

Our season ticket holders deserve better than what we often give them.  They are not simply a ticket holder.  They are a family, a business person, a young couple, a bunch of friends, next door neighbors…all with different reasons for buying.  Know those reasons. Know those segments.  Create the talking points around them.  Customizing in this way is personal  It says “I know and I care.”  And now I am more apt to renew or to buy.

LOVE when I hear from season ticket holders and their viewpoints!  Thank you!!!!



Kathy Burrows, Chief Energy Officer, Sold Out Seating
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