The future of sports is sitting in our offices right now…

What are we doing to develop them and get them ready for the future way we sell and lead in sports?

SOS began with President/Owner Kathy Burrows’ passion to help sales staff grow their career.   A former nurse, Burrows’ last year of nursing school was a solid year of analytics, building care strategies and  team building and leadership training, which she has developed into a program for sports teams.

Changing careers, Kathy worked with the Cleveland Indians heading their highly successful Volunteer Sales Club, as well as leading the Inside Sales Team, training, mentoring and developing. Selling season, groups, premium and corporate, as well as developing her sales team, Kathy was responsible for 2/3 of revenue generated yearly.

Upon beginning SOS (Sold Out Seating), Kathy has been involved and assisted various professional sports teams, as well as businesses.  From assessment of departments, strategies, sales processes, and workshops for sales reps and leaders, she has been actively working to help facilities fill their seating bowls and help the staff go from good to great. 

The key is:  Kathy still sells.  She  sells  with various entities to continually fine tune her craft, and has crafted and sat in on meetings with organizations/teams to supersize. She knows your challenges firsthand and continually learns and shares how to overcome them.  More importantly, sales is a relationship and, as a trainer, she builds that relationship with each and every rep.  It’s not gimmicky, it’s not videos, it’s a true relationship with each and every one of your reps to develop them to the next level. 


There are 4 ways to help you…

Helping your sales team get to that next level.  Kathy challenges them to use their gray matter and create business plans quarterly for success, as well as how to better communicate, build relationships, and execute with season, groups and premium and challenges the corporate thinkers. 

Helping YOUR team leaders lead by the way our  generation of sellers can best thrive.   Kathy works with leadership teams to help them lead our staff for the future world of sports sales…can’t keep using 1980’s methods in a 2020’s world! How can we best relate to the sales generation now?  

Helping Supersize your groups. Kathy works with your sales team to maximize group numbers, thus filling stadiums, rinks, arenas and tracks. 

Helping you keep your first year members and retain memberships in season and group for the long term. From onboarding our season and group leader members to touch points and anticipating needs and creating wow moments, Kathy works to keep that relationship going and build on those numbers rather than continually reselling the same seats. 


SOS Training is  some of the most unique and creative in sports today.  At SOS,

I DON’T SELL TICKETS…I help businesses with their prospects, I provide that ‘second office,’ I create experiences that give lasting memories, I help non profits partner with teams to host a unique backdrop for their events during games, and so much more. The ticket just happens to be the entryway to these amazing things.

Your training through SOS is based on a quiz beforehand to determine your top 5 strengths and how they are relating to sales.  You will leave an SOS training with a plan in place, ready to take on  supersized groups, premium, and ideas for bulk season tickets.  You will take prospecting and influencing to a new level. You will find needs and sell accordingly.  You will understand the keys to retention  YOU will be successful!


From training to yearly retainers, Kathy is here to help your staff become more accountable, increase revenue, and grow and develop as your future leaders of the team. 

Check out the section on Sales, Leadership and Retention Training for further explanation of what training includes.


A sampling of the Consulting / Mentoring Kathy has worked with:

  • League training
  • WNBA; including the 2018 and 2019 WNBA Ticket Sales Franchise of the Year, the Los Angeles Sparks

  • NBA

  • MLB

  • NHL
  • MLS
  • USL including assisting start ups
  • Minor League Baseball
  • Owners with multiple sports franchises and their teams
  • Independent league sports
  • UHL
  • Champ Car Grand Prix (sales teams, creating a group sales process and individual racers)

  • AHL

  • ECHL
  • Spring training leagues
  • Entertainment industry (artists and sales teams)

  • Hotel industry

  • Women’s National Fastpitch 
  • Lacrosse

  • Arena Football
  • Individual coaching for both executives and sales reps
  • Colleges

What’s even better?  Once Kathy works with your staff, they  are available to her  for the upcoming year to answer questions and help!

Contact Kathy at: