Our Future In Sports…

To me, this note is worth a Million Dollars.  THIS is what keeps me going. Working with amazing staff that WANT to get better and lead sports into the future.  Thank you LA Sparks Sr. VP Natalie White, Sales Team, and Daniel ! You've made my year.   


Truly heartwarming when younger members of a team you are working with sets their goal of 'a sale a day...' and ends up contributing to the highest sales week of the team thus far. Way to go Portland Pickles!  Keep up the great work!

Kathy’s Mailbag: Hey Kathy! 18th of April

Welcome to this week's mailbag edition!  I had 4 questions this week concerning when was the right time to change sports jobs, and another on corporate sales strategy.  Read on... This one is a compilation of the 4... "Hey Kathy, I am looking for that next job and wonder when is the best time to … Continue reading Kathy’s Mailbag: Hey Kathy! 18th of April

Strategy Planning For Select Game Sellouts

Sold out games/events don't just happen.  They have to have a strategy.  A wildly winning team or amazing rock band will enable that to happen.  More often than not, we have to create a plan. At the start of each new season, we should look at the games/events that need to be sold out...maybe there … Continue reading Strategy Planning For Select Game Sellouts

April 11: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag “Hey Kathy!”

Welcome to this week's edition of Kathy's Mailbag.  Questions this week are based on Group sales and Premium sales.  Read on! "Hey Kathy! I did a group last month that I really worked hard on and thought would have great results of 500+ and it didn't.  How do I come up with more ideas to … Continue reading April 11: Kathy’s Sports Sales Mailbag “Hey Kathy!”

What Is the Experience You’re Giving Your Fans?

One of the first questions I ask when selling sports is "who did you attend your very first sporting event with?  Tell me about it."  9 out of 10 times it will be family (especially dad/grandfather), and then the reminiscing starts.  Very few remember who the opponent was or the score.  But they DO remember … Continue reading What Is the Experience You’re Giving Your Fans?

On The Road Again….

Starting back on the road next week...is YOUR team on the list? If your season is winding down, NOW is the time to start next level training for next season.  Reps will write their strategy and have their "GPS" ready to hit the ground running.  Whether sales reps training or leadership training, there's only one … Continue reading On The Road Again….