What Is the Experience You’re Giving Your Fans?

One of the first questions I ask when selling sports is "who did you attend your very first sporting event with?  Tell me about it."  9 out of 10 times it will be family (especially dad/grandfather), and then the reminiscing starts.  Very few remember who the opponent was or the score.  But they DO remember … Continue reading What Is the Experience You’re Giving Your Fans?

April 4: “Kathy’s Mailbag…Hey Kathy!”

Happy post holiday back to work time.  As teams gear up for the season, wind down from a season, or prepare for playoffs, we still have work to do daily in our offices.  Great questions this week concerning corporate partnerships and group sales. Read on! "Hey Kathy, I had a sponsorship sale go bad when … Continue reading April 4: “Kathy’s Mailbag…Hey Kathy!”

On The Road Again….

Starting back on the road next week...is YOUR team on the list? If your season is winding down, NOW is the time to start next level training for next season.  Reps will write their strategy and have their "GPS" ready to hit the ground running.  Whether sales reps training or leadership training, there's only one … Continue reading On The Road Again….

Changing the Look Of Sports Sales

Kids are the very best salespeople of all. They simply become animated, they chat about what they want, and then they ask.  Somewhere along the way we grow up. We go to school, and become 'uniform.'  We are all taught math, some getting it, some not. We are all taught English.  Some excel, some do … Continue reading Changing the Look Of Sports Sales

How Well Do You Know How Your Team Thinks?

Had to write an extra article once again and share my thoughts on an article I read  tonight about Amazon and a program they started that asks the employees a question every morning to get to know they and their thoughts better.  Amazon. The company with a kazillion employees. In our teams we may have from … Continue reading How Well Do You Know How Your Team Thinks?

Your Sports Sales Questions: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”

Welcome to the 'almost Easter' edition of Kathy's Mailbag...where YOU ask the questions and I help answer...and welcome others to add their comments! Today we have a question on calling past buyers and one on sales service and retention.  Read on! "Hey Kathy, It seems like we are forever calling past buyers...I'm surprised they still … Continue reading Your Sports Sales Questions: Kathy’s Mailbag…”Hey Kathy!”

As Your Season Winds Down…

Are you ready for your staff to take on the challenge of increasing their revenue 25-50%?  Is your staff ready to be challenged more? Ready to sell with the renewal in mind instead of selling for the moment?  If so....let's talk...SOS will have them increasing season and group, refocusing on more unique ways to sell … Continue reading As Your Season Winds Down…