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Kathy is passionate about building relationships and sports, so that makes her a great salesperson. However, it’s her passion for people that sets her apart from others as a sales trainer. She truly cares about the development of individuals. No matter what time of the day (or night) it is or how long it’s been since you last saw her, any of her “mentees” can call on Kathy if they need help solving a sales problem or just need advice, in general. She takes a lot of pride in what she does, and she always delivers. K. Bernert, SVP Business & Basketball Operations, MSG

You could not find a better person to motivate and energize your sales staff. I have known Kathy for many years and throughout that time she has consistently impressed me with her undying energy, positive attitude and belief in what is possible with hard work and a positive attitude. Her knowledge, experience and motivational approach will surely lead to positive results from any sales group. M. Shapiro, President & CEO, Toronto Blue Jays

RESULTS, PRODUCTIVITY, MOTIVATION & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT = KATHY BURROWS. That is the formula for success that Kathy will bring to your sales team. I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy and have been amazed at the positive impact she brings to each organization she works with in the form of building both morale and sales numbers. Kathy is a legend in the WNBA because she consistently accomplishes what other people cannot figure out – how to consistently build ticket & sponsorship revenue. Time & again I have watched her expertly take a deflated sales team and motivate them, inspire them and teach them how to make strong and consistent sales. She builds the team so that each member has ownership and pride in their position, has clear personal and team goals they are working toward and she develops leaders so that the consistent revenue that she brings in will continue after she leaves. Kathy is not only a wiz at selling tickets & sponsorship, she is an “idea factory” which allows her to instruct & motivate your staff on how to build fully integrated campaigns based on the client needs. I have never worked with anyone like Kathy before; her positive attitude, enthusiasm for life and her work ethic are an inspiration and a motivation not only to me but to all that know and work with her. L. Fusco, VP Consumer Marketing at JP Morgan Chase

Attention Ticket Revenue Generators,

I met Kathy Burrows in February of this year at the National Sports Forum in Portland.  Kathy was conducting a one-hour session on “Supersizing Groups” and I was blown away.

Kathy had created a formula on how to generate huge groups and she provided those in attendance with a detailed road map on how to do it.  When I got back to the office I set up a conference call with Kathy so she could share with our sales staff.  Our reps were equally impressed and they have used Kathy as a sounding board ever since.

To demonstrate to my reps that Kathy’s methods work I took on one of our Theme Nights that has struggled year over year.  I followed Kathy’s steps and with her support generated 750 tickets to a Wednesday night match, an increase of 625 tickets from the previous year.

This November I will institute Kathy’s off season group strategy.  I’m confident this will lead to a base of 1200 tickets for each rep in addition to their existing group book of business.  As a Department we will add over 14,000 group tickets, a significant increase in revenue.

We have a group business strategy that will work.  I’m looking forward to our rep’s having success and for that I thank Kathy.  Her experience and positive approach resonates with our young staff.  She will make a big contribution to whomever she works with and I would recommend anyone who wants a defined process to maximize their group business to contact her.

Next up for us is to work with Kathy on supersizing season memberships.

Hugh Hamilton

Senior Manager, Sales

Vancouver Whitecaps FC 


Kathy Burrows is a legend! In every organization that we have worked together in she has exponentially improved our sales processes and techniques.

I can’t say enough about her knowledge and her willingness to share best practices with our team.

I will use her every chance I have as a business leader to increase our business!


Alton Byrd

Vice President, Business Operations

Long Island Nets

1255 Hempstead Turnpike

Uniondale, New York 11553

Phone 516.744.6305

Cell 516.737.7145

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for all of your effort and the training you provided during my time with the Indians. I was very raw in the beginning, but the training you put us through prepared me to be successful at selling season tickets & become confident in myself. With my current company, I have been given the opportunity to lead the Business Development Team over the past two years. Recently, when I hired my two new reps, I decided to put a training binder together & found myself referring back to your materials & mirroring the setup. It has been great to develop their skillset & see the success they are having on the phones. I also wanted to thank you for forcing us to prospect the second half of our program. Although we all resisted and didn’t have immediate success, you always drilled in the same message. “You won’t be successful at sales if you can’t or don’t know how to prospect”. Not only has this helped me train my team, but it has also earned me respect from my management team. I really owe a lot of my success so far in my career due to your program.  M. Stanek


Kathy Burrows doesn’t just talk about how to be successful at selling she gives you tools you can use immediately after her sessions proving her methods work. She believes in the creation and fostering of relationships as a way to succeed. The material provided is engaging, inspiring and relevant but best of all Kathy acts as a coach and remains available to you even after the session is over. She is encouraging and motivating as well as always rooting for you to succeed. I recommend companies that require their employees to sell, whether in sports or not, invest in their people by bringing Kathy out for a session. L. Metcalf, Chicago Wolves

Out of all of the trainings we’ve had thus far, your session was most definitely impactful! 

Kelly Marnin NY Islanders

This company I work for brought in “consultants” as they called themselves and I have to say even though it is completely different field the knowledge of sales and being a salesperson I learned from you was far more extensive, more helpful, and flat out more right compared to those people. Your professionalism and knowledge does not even compare to the other consultants.  G. J., former Akron Racers

I love the ideas that you are always presenting! Plus the thousands of ideas in your mind!  Patrick Burns El Paso Chihuahua’s

I have find myself reading a lot of things you post. At Seton Hall we are currently in our “off season” which means there is more work than ever to be done for the future and next season. I read your article titled: Climbing to the Peak in Your Sales and it really spoke to me. This is still my first year in sales and I found myself a little lost in the beginning of the off season. Your article encouraged me to make a plan, and a list of leads I want to go after in the summer to keep me on track. I look forward to reading more as you write. Thanks again!   Mary Kate Walch

Since I followed you yesterday I have been obsessed with your articles! There is great information in them and are all so insightful! As a Marketing/Sales manager for a small junior hockey team, I can apply so much of this to my everyday work! Thank you for doing this and I look forward to future articles!  Tyler Novy Springfield Jr. Blues

Kathy is one of the best if not the best mentors out there today. Having the pleasure of working with her and learning from her has been immensely important in helping me, my coworkers and our team to achieve our best and even to do better both as a team and individually. With experience and knowledge of almost every industry related to just about anything, she helps lead those around her and guides them to success knowing when to push a little and when to let go. She thinks outside the box every time and with a smile on her face, she gets others to do so as well helping to create masterpieces that become tradition. Anita Levy, ADP

Kathy is an out the box thinker, she takes the simplest things and makes them epic. She is such a people person. It’s very easy to collaborate and learn from her. Her energy level is contagious, when I knew she was going to be in the office it always gave me an extra pep in my step. Her workshops were fun and informative. Kathy is a great motivator. She is very helpful and I enjoyed working with her. Kathy makes the people around her better and she is an asset to any organization she works with. Simone Southwell, Freelance Event Professional

I have had the opportunity to work with and alongside Kathy here at Madison Square Garden and you will not find a person who is more passionate about the relationships that she has and wants to build. This is what has set her apart from other sales trainers in the business as she cares about helping others develop and become successful. She is and has been, without question, an unbelievable asset to have in our sales development and in our organization. J. DaSilva, Dir. Ticketing MLBAM

Kathy is one of the most inspiring, open-minded and thoughtful person, I have ever worked with besides my boss. I had the pleasure of working with Kathy in supersizing selling training for the WNBA Atlanta Dream this November. As an Account Executive, I learned from Kathy that I am my own small business within a franchise and I need to treat my business, like I would want my workers to do so, to represent my brand . I truly admire Kathy’s level of professionalism, excellence and discipline and expertise to better my career and longevity in the world of sports. Her positive energy and dedication has always inspired me to brainstorm a little longer, work a few minutes later and produce my best possible work. Kathy is a leader and a collaborator. I strongly recommend her for any sports team that’s wants to get the best out of there organization. She is the best in the business .Clyde Jackson, Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation & Season Ticket Account Executive, WNBA Atlanta Dream 



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